Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Support Chicago Cubs and Cover Blink-182

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
House of Blues – Chicago, IL
April 21, 2009

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus House of BluesRonnie Winter (lead vocals)

Just when I thought I would never need anything more to confirm the fact that I am a fan of the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, the band goes ahead and makes me love them even more. Two things happened during the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus show in Chicago last week that solidified my being a lifelong fan of RJA. Mind you, I have loved their music since March of 2005, so I don’t think I will ever not be a fan. But I digress… First of all, lead singer and head songwriter Ronnie Winter (whom I interviewed before the concert) walked out on stage wearing a Chicago Cubs hoodie. Now, seeing as how I live on the North side of Chicago, I am automatically a Cubs fan. It is the rule of Chicago. If you live on the North side, you root for the Cubs. If you live on the South side, you root for the White Sox. That’s just the way this city is. I also live less than two miles away from Wrigley Field and Wrigleyville, so I am surrounded by anything that has to do with the Cubs all the time!

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I loved that Ronnie had the guts to wear the Cubs hoodie during RJA’s show. Eventually, he did take it off after he warmed up enough. But most artists are too scared to chose one major league baseball team over the other when performing in Chicago. There’s too much of a divide between the fans. People are super territorial and can get pretty defensive about their favorite team. But I guess Ronnie didn’t care if he upset any Sox fans at the band’s show, and I think that’s great. Second of all, the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus chose to perform one cover song during their opening set for Secondhand Serenade. Now, out of all the bands in this world that RJA chose to cover, they happened to choose my FAVORITE BAND EVER: blink-182! Without dropping the name of the band, the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus began playing the opening guitar line to “Stay Together For The Kids” by blink-182. My jaw just about hit the floor, I was so shocked – in a totally good way! God, I wish I had my camera at that show so I could’ve recorded that performance.

Ronnie and Co. did something pretty cool at the Chicago show too, which I’m not sure they do every night on this tour. The band decided not to go off of a set list and instead simply chose songs they wanted to play as the evening went along. Of course, the guys took in consideration the song suggestions being shouted out by fans in the crowd. The only bit that bothered me about this was that the fivesome from Florida took so much time talking amongst themselves trying to decide what the next song should be that their set was shorter than it should’ve been. There was so much wasted time in between each song that RJA didn’t play as many songs as the audience would have liked. Oh well, I hope they learned from that experiment. Here are some of the chosen few that made the cut:

False Pretense

Damn Regret

Cat And Mouse

Pull Me Back

You Better Pray



Stay Together For The Kids (blink-182 cover)

Face Down

Your Guardian Angel

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus House of Blues











Duke Kitchens (lead guitar, piano, backing vocals)

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus House of Blues

Joey Westwood (bass, backing vocals)

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus House of BluesMatt Carter (rhythm guitar)

*Not photographed: Jon Wilkes (drums, backing vocals)

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  1. Sarah says:

    Great photos! Sorry I couldn’t go to that show, it sounded like it was pretty cool, and I like RJA too….lol
    That is awesome that they played a Blink cover… I can just imagine your jaw hitting the floor when they started it :)

  2. Ángeles chacon says:

    RONNIR WINTER la persona que jamas olvidare. me encanta sus canciones y su musica, the red jumpsuit apparatus.

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