Rihanna Seeks Jewelry Return Worth $1.4 million

Rihanna Chicago 4

Rihanna is requesting the return of nearly $1.4 million in jewelry she was wearing on February 7th, the night of her brutal encounter with then boyfriend Chris Brown. E!  says the Los Angeles Police Department took a bloodstained Gucci dress along with a pair of earrings and three rings as evidence, and now the companies that loaned the jewelry for Grammy weekend want the costly pieces back.

Rihanna’s request for the returned jewelry will be on the docket in court tomorrow when the trial against Chris Brown has its next preliminary hearing (Brown will not attend). Brown pleaded “not guilty” at his arraignment earlier this month to felony assult charges. If convicted, he faces up to nine years in prison. Brown’s lawyers, including famed attorney Mark Geragos, are reportedly working with Los Angeles district attorneys to hammer out a plea agreement before the case actually goes to trial. Rihanna’s lawyer Donald Etra states, “Apparently, initially, the police felt that it would be needed as evidence. Now the belief is that photographs would be more than sufficient.” Etra has said his client “wants this to be over quickly.”

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