Corn Mo’s .357 Lover Play Hotel Cafe In LOS ANGELES On May 31st

“Diorama of the Golden Lion” OUT This August

Upcoming Shows:
May 31st – Hotel Cafe – Los Angeles

Rolling Stone:
“Jon Cunningham, aka Corn Mo is the future of music. Maybe it’s the look, the long blonde mane, the big sideburns, the sparkling outfits. Or maybe it’s the accordion in Mo’s hands, the polka standard becomes arena rock magic…”

NY Times:
“…this Texas transplant now living in Brooklyn makes music that actually holds up on its own.”

Village Voice:

“He’s an entertainer rather than “just” a comedian, but when this wild-maned bigfoot squeezed into a mono-suit rocks ‘Hot For Teacher’ on his accordion, it’s funny”


“…he brought out his four-piece rock band to bring down the house with mixing classic rock, playfulness, and sheer brilliance.”

The Dallas Observer:
“Corn Mo uses this quirky soundscape to compose mini-anthems, heroic passages and chaotic polkas. If his spiritual father is Freddie Mercury, then his spiritual uncle is Tiny Tim.”

Andrew WK:
“When I first saw .357 Lover, I thought I was in a dream… and when I first heard them play, I thought I was in heaven.  Corn Mo has one of the most beautiful voices and natural charms I’ve ever experienced. He is a grand man.”

Ben Folds:
“.357 Lover are too good.  I doubt many people will like this because music audiences in general aren’t smart enough for this kind of quality. Only years from now will people understand what they’re missing. Ridicule them all you like. Ignore them, but history will not ignore .357 Lover. You are f*cking up if you don’t get it.

Uh.. maybe not… how about .357 Lover are absolutely unique and they tell a wicked story. Corn Mo’s voice is simultaneously disarming, unassuming, cocky, and above all, f*cking good. (His) their songs are about micro slices of the absurdities in life, those tiny moments that push the pedals of life. These are the moments that fall through the cracks as most songwriters try to literally force you to feel.  these songs bring you in and let you cash in on the experiences that we all forget in the shuffle. That’s why if you spend three minutes a day listening to .357 Lover you’ll literally live longer.”

  Time travel, making out at the mall, werewolves, rock operas and a German lady. It’s not the recipe to the greatest teenage, sci-fi horror movie ever made; it’s .357 Lover. Deftly weaving majestic tales of wonder with a Rock ‘n Roll vaudeville act, this band creates an incomparable sound described by frontman Corn Mo as “Guns ‘N Roses meets Queen meets show tunes meets Tiny Tim.”Thousands have already been exposed to Corn Mo from tours with They Might Be Giants, Ben Folds and Polyphonic Spree. Television appearances include Jimmy Kimmel Live, Total Request Live, and the 24-hour Human Giant marathon on MTV. He recorded a cover of “Get Your Hands Off My Woman” with Ben Folds.  With TMBG he played accordion versus John Linnell on a live recording of TMBG’s “Particle Man” which was called “Particle Mo”.  He has performed at SXSW, Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, Bumbershoot, Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe and Lebowski Fest. In 2007, .357 Lover opened for Ben Folds, played with Andrew W.K. and backed John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch). In 2008, they toured to Austin for SXSW and back. Afterwards, Corn Mo went alone to Europe to support Ben Folds, sitting in with him at the Glastonbury Festival. In 2009, the Lover ambitiously created Alice Wakeman: A Rock Opera and performed it in its entirety at the Ars Nova Theatre in NYC.

Corn Mo has released two solo albums, the debut from 2000, I Hope You Win and The Magic is You in 2002.

In 2007 Corn Mo released his first full band effort with the .357 Lover, an EP titled Your Favorite Hamburger is a Cheeseburger. “The EP is an inoculation for the LP, but it’s so derivative you may already be immune,” explains Corn Mo, “that is, until you realize you’ve been raptured by a lovely day that you cannot shake. It’s like a zombie trying to cash a paycheck. It’s not going to matter. The true joy is that everyday is Halloween forever.” The EP will be followed by a full length album, Diorama of the Golden Lion, slated for a 2009 release.

Influenced by Queen, Cheap Trick, Sparks, Tiny Tim and David Lee Roth, Corn Mo originally formed the .357 Lover in Denton, TX. Heeding the call of the road, he left Texas to tour with a sideshow circus called the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. After many thrills and spills, including an incident involving a bed of nails, a magician and a wager, Corn Mo arrived in Brooklyn, NYC to continue on his destined path toward superstardom. He surrounded himself with a friend from Denton, bassist Dave Wallin, guitarists Brad Williams and John Caselli, and drummer Ron Salvo to create the definitive lineup of the .357 Lover.

The .357 Lover live show is a portal to great music past and future. From the jovial rag, “Thank You”, to the thunderous anthem, “Time Cop”, the band creates an atmosphere of excitement, absurdity and good times. Corn Mo describes the live show as “a powerhouse. It’s a one-man show multiplied five times. It’s like an Octopus-Lion. It looks as if the roar can live without the tentacles and ability to change color. But it can’t.” The NY Press expounded, “By the time he was through, I had no idea if Corn Mo was a comic hack, a real retard or a true genius. And I’m still not sure, which gives even more credence to that genius theory.”

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