Eminem Gets Animated & Brings Laid-Off Auto Workers to Jimmy Kimmel

Eminem is showing love to his hometown by fling 200 laid-off Detroit auto workers to Los Angeles when Em stops by the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show for an interview and performance this Friday, May 15th! According to the Detroit Free Press, the rapper will also invite the 200 workers and a guest to a secret show he’s staging in the Motor City next week.

“In all the media coverage Detroit is getting, everyone forgets about the people that have lost their jobs without getting big cash payouts after dedicating themselves to the auto industry,” Eminem told the Free Press in a statement. “Jimmy Kimmel and I got to talking, and we wanted to remind everyone that there are real people affected by what’s going on in Detroit, and try to show some of them a good time while we’re at it.”

Eminem will also make a “cameo” this Sunday on one of my favorite shows, Family Guy! Animated Eminem & Stewie are to host “Animation Domination” on Fox. “It was a thrill to work with Stewie,” Eminem said in a strange press release. “I’m a big fan of talking babies and their humor.”

Don’t forget Relapse hits stores on May 19th!

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