Emilie Simon brings her musical soundscapes LIVE- kicking off Spring with string of select dates in key cities

New Yorkers “Goings On About Town”
“The inventive French indie-pop singer-songwriter Emilie Simon, shown here wearing one of her custom  instruments….”

Singing in both her native French and English, Emilie is currently living in New York, while writing and recording her forthcoming ’09 album

Emilie will perform classics from her beloved, critic darling Milan Records release “The Flower Book” and perform new material in front of a crowd for the first time.  Emilie will let songs breathe and evolve in a live setting—bringing them out of the studio.  

Dont’ Miss One Show!

6/24 – Public Assembly, Brooklyn
6/29 – Doug Fir Lounge, Portland OR
6/30 – The Crocodile, Seattle WA
7/3 – Summer Concert Series @ The Levitt Pavillion for the Performing Arts,
Pasadena CA
7/23 – Highline Ballroom, NYC

“The emotions she wraps her voice around are too epic to belong to our irony-bound era.”

Simon’s throw-pillow vocals toggle seamlessly between French and English, slyly disguising a devil-inside attitude that’s well suited to the record’s this-side-of-naughty material.”

“She inhabits a technologized and be-stringed new wave between the perversity of the Stooges (whom she covers) and the feminine mythologies of Kate Bush.”   LA TIMES:
Sumptuously ambient fairy-tale music, sung in breathy whispers and Bjork-like yelps in both English and French

Wistful, adventurous, sensual, brooding, and playful
The variety of sound is endless… full of texture and mystery
She has a little girl voice and coo that could melt the most frigid among us…something strange and otherworldly and artistic
She embeds intimate impressions of wood, flowers, and water in her deceptively tuneful songs…a French ingenue who’s both organic and electronic
Her pristine pop is buoyed on lush instrumentation and evocative melodies, but her use of traditional elements like guitar, bass, piano, and voice…a glass harmonica and even a bowl of water…lend an otherworldly quality
Delicately dancing on the line between noise and art, Simon creates a world where choppy beats, everyday objects, and ethereal vocals meld seamlessly together to form an icy sonic dreamscape

EMILIE SIMON first made her mark on the U.S. in the fall of 2006 with her debut U.S. release, The Flower Book.  Her plush, artful soundscapes had already yielded her significant praise and awards in her French homeland and acclaim across the rest of Europe and Japan. Singing in both French and English, Emilie allows her music to flow naturally which has rewarded her with devoted fans worldwide.

In her early twenties, Emilie recorded demos after moving to Paris from the South of France that wound up landing her a deal with Universal France.  Since then, Emilie has written, arranged, performed and produced her two records and the original music for the French version of March of the Penguins where Emilie used many diverse and inventive techniques including rubbing pieces of ice together to produce beats and sounds, blended with her electronic machinery and her inviting lyrics. The Flower Book draws music from all three as her first release in the U.S.

Despite garnering best album honors in the electronic category at France’s “Victoires De La Musique” Awards for her debut, and being touted as one of the most promising female artists, the Montpellier-bred chanteuse is quick to champion her independence as an artist over such acclaim.
It is Emilie’s goal to focus on the United States with her upcoming touring and new record. “The Flower Book” was received with rave reviews and impressive sales and Emilie Simon is only getting started.

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