Phil And The Osophers Release New Summer Jam “We Have All Summer”

Play NY Show With Art Brut / Play Northside Festival With The Dodos
Look Out For Latest LP “Parallelo” July 28

Click Here to download “We Have All Summer”

Phil and the Osophers release We Have All Summer!  Guided by a jangly surf riff, it’s an omage to the start of the new season.  “We have all summer ahead of us!” The timing is great for this one…  This is the first single off of their new album Parallelo which is Phil and the Osophers SIXTH album, and will be released on July 28 on Factual Fabrications, his own sustainable label.  Before the album’s release, the band will be playing a Jezebel Music feature show, a NY date with Art Brut, and the Northside Festival in New York with The Dodos.

Check out Phil and the Osophers video for High Art

…and these songs from Phil and the Osophers late ’08 album “Toward Conquering The Invisible North”
Third World American
International Introvert

June tour dates ahead

“Modern art makes Phil & the Osophers want to get their eyes fixed. The Brooklyn three-piece make like Doc and the Tors in the loose, ramshackle clip for loose, ramshackle indie-pop tune ‘High Art’ ” – Pitchfork

“Brooklyn duo Phil And The Osophers are a band who swim in the same gutter water of neo-Nuggets groups like The Black Lips and King Khan & The Shrines” – RCRD LBL

“Cast iron proof that really all you need in order to make a great album is a cast-iron knack for an infectious tune, and the ability to write good lyrics.  This has both of these qualities in spades.”  -Songs By Toad, UK

“guitar and drum songs with a more contemporary bend” -Filter

“the music is a welcoming relief, dig that garage, dirty, honest sound”

Phil and the Osophers have put out five albums via their own sustainable label, Factual Fabrications.  They pride themselves on carefully crafted philosophical lyrics.  Their latest release “Toward Conquering The Invisible North” recieved rave reviews and garnered a delightful video for High Art, in which the band perform laser eye surgery on a friend.  While digital is the most sustainable resource, Osophers fans can still buy their physical albums from Factual Fabrications.  All album art are printed on recycled paper and they use only recycled jewel cases.  That keeps the cost and price down.  Ingenius!In other news, all 3 members have written and published books of poetry and non-fiction through their own publishing house called ILOANBooks.  They pride themselves on carefully crafted philosophical lyrics so this leap makes sense.  Bass player Gus has published NINE books, Drummer Kevin has published two, and Phil has just written his first book of poetry entitled “SHAKE! and other rattlers” They will have these for “sale” at SXSW, along with all 5 albums. The band has also created a sampler CD made using recycled 5 1/4″ floppy discs as jewel cases.  

Upcoming Dates
June 4, 2009   Mercury Lounge w/Art Brut New York, New York
Jun 14, 2009   Northside Festival @ Studio B w/ The Dodos , Brooklyn NY

Band Members
Philip Radiotes – vocals/guitars
Gus Iversen – Bass guitar
Kevin Estrada – Drum set & percussion

For Press Inquiries Please Contact

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