Previously on Lost, LOST Untangled, East Coast tour starts June 6th!

The Worlds ONLY Genuine Recap Rock Band, PREVIOUSLY ON LOST, team up with the good folks at
The Brooklyn Boys hit the road for a string of east coast dates
if you missed their stellar performance or hysterical interview on NYC’s Souncheck, click here!

After a year of building Recap Rock from the ground up, Previously On Lost have been hired by ABC to write a musical recap for the Season 5 Finale of Lost. Lost Untangled is ABC’s esteemed web series that recaps episodes of Lost comedic ally, using action figures. The folks behind Untangled called upon POL to write a recap for the finale and are filming the season finale of Untangled as a music video for the song.

Tour dates!
June 6th- Brooklyn, NY    Public Assembly with Anamanaguchi, Lionshare and Ninjasonik
June 9th- Cambridge, MA   Middle East Downstairs  with Harry and The Potters and Anamanaguchi
June 10th- Providence, RI   AS220 with  Harry and The Potters and Anamanaguchi
June 12th- Easton, MD        Nightcat with   Anamanaguchi
June 13th- Philadelphia, PA      Danger Danger Gallery

Get ready to have these boys boggle your mind again!
Check out “LOST in 2 Minutes” HERE!
EVERYTHING that has happened from Season 1 until NOW in JUST one 2 minute song!

Check out “We’re Going Home” LIVE

Click here for NPR’s Weekend Edition to figure out what the hell is this all about!

Check out PASTE!

Download “Just Wink” from the Boston Phoenix
NY Press LIVE feature!

Who Hearts Previously on Lost?
“The songs are hilarious and cool, somewhat like a frantic mash of Frank Zappa and Flaming Lips with a dose of old Disney musicals for good measure.”

New York Times:
“Fan-fiction writers have nothing on Adam Schatz and Jeff Curtin, Brooklynites and the founders of what they believe is the world’s first (only?) TV-recap rock band.”

NY Press:
“Not content to merely musically recap the fourth season of Lost, these guys have, for their first-ever live show, thrown together an entire duct-tape musical-comedy stage-show extravaganza.”

Washington Post:
“Who needs Television Without Pity when you have Previously on Lost? The Brooklyn band is like a musical version of one of TWOP’s recaplets. During those rare but wonderful weeks when there is actually a new episode of “Lost” — the best show on TV, natch — the group writes a quirky indie rock song covering what went down on the island in the last episode. Musically, it’s definitely more They Might Be Giants than Driveshaft, but lyrically, it’s exactly what you’d expect.”

USA Today:
“Tired of the same old Lost recaps? A new band called Previously on Lost has come up with a unique way to celebrate the series: Each week they’ll post a song on their MySpace page that summarizes the show and offers commentary. It’s actually pretty cute and catchy — especially when they get to the “Cannonball!” interlude. ”

The L Magazine:
“While sounding like the Spinto Band on helium, the duo acts as a guide for anyone trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON in the TV show Lost”

“…boisterous anthems that reiterate each episode’s essential plot points and character developments.”

Daily Candy:
“Prepare to laugh/marvel at genius songs inspired by the genius show.”

Previously On Lost is a band of dreamers. Jeff Curtin and Adam Schatz who met in New York City on simple musical terms, but soon felt it was time to up the ante. From the ashes of their fiery collaborations birthed the new pop genre “Recapitulation Rock” and in turn, their band Previously on Lost. They spent the duration of season four of the hit television show writing and recording songs on Sundays to reflecting the twists and turns of each episode. Love for the band is as far reaching as love for the TV show, Previously On Lost have have garnered fandom all across the United States, as well as Brazil, Uruguay, Italy and France.

You can purchase “The Tale of Season 4 and the Oceanic Six” directly from the gents of Previously On Lost.
When you buy it through iTunes or check out their myspace page and order online. It even comes with a free gift!

For more Info:

For more information contact: Samantha Tillman @ Daffodil Publicity-

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