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Get Familiar. Love The Future.

Chester French
Metro – Chicago, IL
May 14, 2009

Chester French MetroMaxwell Drummey (guitar, keyboard)

Max and DA. DA and Max. My boys! I am officially hooked on Chester French and cannot stand the thought of missing them each time the band performs in Chicago. I am so grateful that I got the chance to interview the Harvard grads while they were on The Fame Ball tour with Lady GaGa. I got to meet and speak with the duo that is Chester French before they become too big to reach, which I believe is inevitable. Singer DA Wallach and multi-instrumentalist Max Drummey shamelessly plugged their debut album Love The Future throughout their set last week at Chicago’s historic venue, the Metro. Apparently, the boys really wanted fans in the audience to go down to the merch room and pick up a copy of their new record. Well, I will proudly admit that I bought Love The Future on iTunes the day it was released last month. Yes, I still fork over money to purchase music from artists I enjoy.

Chester French MetroD.A. Wallach (lead vocals)

Chester French’s single “She Loves Everybody” was my first introduction to their music. However, it was Blink-182’s bassist/singer Mark Hoppus who lead me to that song. Mark posted the music video for “She Loves Everybody” on his official blog, and thus my love for Chester French began. I trust Mark’s opinion regarding music more than anyone’s, so if Mark likes Chester French and recommends to check them out, you can bet I will be taking a listen. And that’s exactly what I did. Thank you, Mark Hoppus! How crazy is this: Blink-182 is taking Max and DA out on the road with them for Blink’s summer tour! Therefore, I will be seeing DA, Max, AND Mark (and Tom and Travis) on August 4th in Milwaukee (DA’s hometown) and on August 15th in Chicago. Needless to say, I am stoked! Make sure to come and see Chester French on tour this summer if you have yet to catch the boys live. If you weren’t there, I’ll fill you in on what the guys performed in Chicago last week while opening for Lady Sovereign:

The Jimmy Choos

She Loves Everybody

Bebe Buell

C’mon (On My Own)



Hella Good (No Doubt cover)

DJ Clinton Sparks was in the house working the sound for Chester French’s short set. Too short, in my opinion. I wish DA and Max could’ve played every song on their new record. Pretty soon, they’ll be out on their first headlining tour and you bet your ass I will be there! More photos of DA and Max after the jump. Keep in mind that currently, Max is going through his Marie Antoinette/Kurt Cobain phase…


Chester French MetroMax

Chester French MetroDA

Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos:

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  1. Anya says:

    As always, your pictures are awesome. I like your review too. Makes me wish I was there.

  2. sara says:

    awesome photos. they seem very interesting. i will definitely check out their music!

  3. Sarah says:

    Great pictures!

    I hadn’t heard of them til recently, and now I hear about them everywhere. I really like their music.. What a fun band. I definitely want to check them out next time they’re in Chicago!

  4. Tara Jenkins says:

    Always with the random wigs! LOL Ahh, Chester French. Great pics, as always, Jen!

  5. Michelle says:

    …max and that wig, can never part.

  6. Diana C says:

    Yes, indeed there show was amazing!!!!!. I can say this cause’ I attended the show at Metro. I loved every minute of their show, but I have to agree with Jennifer, that their performance only included some songs. I was left wanting more. I am really looking forward for them to start their own tour as well as their upcoming show in Chigago(08.15.09) I had the wonderful experience of meeting Max along with D.A. after their performance, they even signed my copy of Love the Future. I must confess that D.A. was really handsome and Max was super nice & sweet. Great review of the show.

  7. Franke says:

    DA and Max are totally cool guys and their music rocks. There are subtle layers to the songs that one usually doesn’t pick up on the first listen but they’re there. Props to Chester French, they’re bound to be wretchedly huge one day and they seriously deserve it. Love their music and it’s great to listen to in person as well as driving or taking the train. One can’t help but feel good about the music in a covert fashion. Cheers ;).

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