SONSEED Become You Tube Sensations With “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine” Video

 Late 70’s Folk Family Phenomenon Have 2.5 Million Views And Counting
Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine LP Out On Arena Rock Recording Co. Aug 4th


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Idolator : “If you haven’t seen it already, it won’t be long until a video of the band Sonseed performing their track “Jesus Is My Friend” hits your instant messaging client or friend’s Tumblr. There’s certainly an easy appeal… ’70s apparel, incredible sincerity, a ridiculous ska track about the merits of Jesus. But is is the clip for real? The video, and an explanation, after the jump.”

LastFM : New York Catholic pop band from the late 70’s and early 80’s. They became internet famous in 2008 when a video of them playing their ska song Jesus is a Friend of Mine was posted to blog Dougsploitation.

Gawker : The internet is great for turning random people into momentary stars, then allowing them to fade out into nothingness. But don’t you wonder what ever became of all those strange characters you see in funny YouTube clips? Sure you do! Usually you’re only left with your own conspiracy theories. But one person at MetaFilter came up with a crazy idea: call somebody! That’s how he helped solve the mystery of Sonseed, the totally captivating Christian ska band whose Christ-tastic “Jesus Is My Friend” recently became a viral YouTube hit, only to be accused of being a fraud. Oh, they’re only too real.

  God, where to start? We formed in the late-70s to play a special Mass for the Bishop at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Brooklyn. Most of us met for the first time while rehearsing for that Mass and decided to keep in touch. We realized that Catholics (we were all Roman Catholics at the time) had nowhere to go to hear fun, inspirational music, so we began playing church halls and schools doing “rocked-up” versions of songs we pulled out of hymnals. Eventually some of us wrote our own stuff.

We played hundreds of shows over the next 4 years, passing the hat for donations to pay for necessities that we needed to keep the group going (microphones, wires, gas for the van, and eventually, the “First Fruit” album, which we sold at concerts for just about cost). It was never about the money; it was all about spreading the Good News and having fun doing it. We consistently lost members through the years and gave our last concert in December 1983.

Doug Prinzivalli, who owned a video copy of our appearance on a local TV show sometime in 1982, had been running “where are they now” (or more specifically, “who are they”) contests on his California blog for years. It wasn’t until he got his hands on a copy of the album (which is amazing considering we only printed 1,000 or so) that he found my name and tracked me down. That video was originally put on YouTube not by Doug, but by some visitor to his blog who thought it was too good not to share.

 Sal Polichetti (Sonseed)
 February 2009



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