K-os and the Karma Tour in Canada


Now here’s an interesting thought…a Karma Tour. Let me explain, the show you attend is actually free but once inside and maybe before you leave you “donate” money to the artist. Once you make a donation you receive a free copy of the newest album. Hmm…very interesting. This is what Canadian hip-hop artists K-os is doing right now on his Canadian leg of his tour.

Promoters are calling this “groundbreaking” while I would call it “added value.” They want to make the concert experience more of a social event. I don’t know about anybody else, but my concert going experience usually is a social event especially at the 13 hour long festivals. I meet people I have never met before and strike up conversations. It’s pretty easy considering we all have at least one thing in common; we love the music we came to listen to.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually think the “donation” idea K-os is doing is a great thing. Who doesn’t love free concerts? It’s also a plus for a newer or lesser-known artist because the people who donate walk out with their music. I am not sure if there is a fixed donation rate or if it’s a “you can donate anything and we’ll give you the album.”

Too bad it’s in Canada otherwise I’d check the show out.

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