Lady Sovereign Brings Her ‘Jigsaw’ Puzzle To Chicago

Lady Sovereign
Metro – Chicago, IL
May 14, 2009

Lady Sovereign Metro

England’s favorite pint-sized female rapper Lady Sovereign is back! With her new sophomore album Jigsaw to promote, Lady Sovereign hit up the Metro in Chicago last month while in the midst of her U.S. tour. I was under the assumption that her touring crew, band, and DJ would also hail from overseas. However, Lady Sov had DJ Annalyze from right here in Chicago with her on stage spinning the tracks and providing the beats. One of the highlights of Lady Sovereign’s set was during her performance of “Jigsaw,” the title track off her new record. This particular song marks the first time Sov has tried singing on a song versus straight-up rapping. And yes folks, she likes it. But honestly, don’t all rappers give singing a try even if they know they can’t sing? Ahem…Eminem and Kanye West anyone? Another shocker of the evening was when Lady Sovereign busted out a cover of Metro Station’s hit “Shake It.” Although I did not understand where that idea came from, I love that song and was more than happy to sing along to what must be the simplest hook in pop music of last year.

Heineken was the chosen alcoholic beverage during the concert, with Sov picking up her bottle of beer in between almost every song in her too-short set. Not to be misconstrued as displaying anything resembling “ladylike” behavior, Sov enjoyed spraying the front row (and us photographers in the pit) with her Heineken/saliva combo quite a few times before the night was over. Throughout the show, the audience never gave up on cheering on their beloved punk princess of British-accented rap with choruses of “SOV! SOV! SOV!” I personally was quite amused by some random guy (and die-hard fan) with a T-shirt he must have designed for Sov and would NOT stop holding it up and waving it around! Whoever was standing behind this dude did not have a chance in hell of securing a good view of the petite Brit popping around on stage. “Love Me Or Hate Me,” the mega-hit song that put Lady Sovereign on the map here in the States back in 2006, was the last song she performed before exiting the stage to prep for the set’s encore. This girl had so much energy, I only wish she could have played a longer set. Can’t wait to see her next time she comes through town! More photos of Lady Sovereign after the jump…

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  1. Sarah says:

    Very nice pictures! That was an interesting show to say the least! lol :)

  2. Alli says:

    I totally know what you mean about rappers thinking they can “sing”. i actually kinda felt like that about the latest YYY album (not rap, but weird unusual Karen O vocals have turned into her trying to “sing” and it bugs me)….
    i hate when eminem tries most especially… actually now that auto-tuning is so prevalent it’s soooo much worse…
    anway, great pics as usual, jen!

  3. Polett says:

    I didn’t think she would be a good live act, I should check her out next time.

    And I agree, rappers shouldn’t try to sing. For the most part, none of them can sing which is why they’re rappers in the first place!
    And they should def stop using so much autotune, autotune is not a damn effect people!

  4. Michelle says:

    these pictures are really cute!
    i love the one with the beer in her hand.
    it kinda… reminds me of… me.. :/

  5. Emale says:

    I wish I could’ve gone! Nice pictures!

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