Rihanna Will Testify at Chris Brown Hearing On June 22nd

Rihanna Chicago 9

Rihanna will face Chris Brown on June 22nd. Rihanna’s lawyer, Donald Etra, has been informed by the Los Angeles District Attorney that his client will be subpoenaed and called to the stand. Etra says Rihanna will cooperate with the DA’s request and take the stand at the preliminary hearing.

The judge rejected a request by Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos to turn over police records regarding the leaked photos of Rihanna’s “horrific” injuries following her alleged February 8th altercation with Brown. Brown was charged with two felonies, assault and making criminal threats, and pleaded not guilty to both counts. Geragos claimed the leaked photos tarnished Brown’s reputation and possibly prevented the singer from getting a non-biased jury pool for his prospective trial.

Brown recently broke his silence in a home video claiming “I ain’t a monster.”

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