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    What is Michael Jackson’s Word Worth To You?

    The Jackson family is goin’ to Texas! The Jackson 5 & Janet are scheduled to perform in 2010 but there was speculation that the show may not go on. After Texas the plan was to hit up London & now the Jackson family is in a tiff because M.J.’s rep signed a deal that Michael would do a concert with his family and not perform anywhere else for 18 months. The group organizing the family concert has threatened to sue if the London concert goes on. Michael will make $3 million for the family concert along with tons more from the London gigs. As for the rest of the Jackson 5, the brothers are to split $500,000.

    The CEO of the company promoting the show seems to be flip flopping on his plan to sue over the family concert, claiming M.J.’s word isn’t worth anything. Patrick Allocco said his company will sue M.J. unless the singer signs on the dotted line, promising to sing with his sister and the rest of the crew. Then the CEO backtracked, saying, “Let me say this as clearly and unequivocally as I possibly can … I have spoken with Michael Jackson and I believe that he is an honorable man. A man of his word. I look forward to working with him and his entire family on the historic show we have been planning fo more than a year.”

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