Karaoking it up at Eaton’s

Eaton’s Redwood Inn
118 W Chicago St
Elgin, IL 60123

I love a good dive bar but Eaton’s has probably been the weirdest dive bar I have ever been to. After getting carded, the bartender made it very clear that they only accept cash, how old school! But I didn’t care, cash is all I had. I have been to some seedy bars but Eaton’s was straight up scary! I was afraid to touch anything in fear I may leave with a disease.

Décor: The set up was super simple, mainly made up of a colossal bar that took up most of the place. There were some booths and couple of tables along the walls, but that was about it. The walls are made up of wood paneling and exposed brick, while the ceiling was made up of some antique moldings. There are only 2 restrooms, 1 men’s and 1 women’s, that don’t have paper towels. They have that revolving towel in the machine that just rotates the same sheet over and over, nastiness. There is a pool table stuffed in one of the corners of the bar along with a couple of slot machine-like arcade games, very fitting for the casino town.

The Crowd: Like any dive bar it doesn’t exactly attract many posh patrons which is why I like them! If I wanted to hang out with preppy brosef’s I would go to a club.

Service: A-ok, not too welcoming when you first enter but after they card you & order a couple of drinks they seem to warm up a little.

Liquid Courage On Tap: Bud, Bud Lite, PBR

Originally I was going to order something in a can or a bottle, just to protect myself from any herpe that may be floating around waiting to infect me, but when Berto noticed they had mason jars we were drawn in. 24oz Baller mason jar of Bud for $4.50? I’ll take my chances against the herpe! I think it’s safe, I’m pretty sure alcohol sanitizes anyway. Right?

Eats: I’m not gonna lie, I could have munched on some bar food but the looks of this fine establishment terrified me. I’m sure if you even ordered food they would have a hard time starting up the grill because it didn’t seem like the sorta place you have dinner and a few drinks. They have a corn dog machine that looked like it hadn’t been turned on in years. Eaton’s offers a variety of bagged chips and nuts. There are also 2 liquor store like fridges filled with pop.  I have to mention the pickled mystery items in the life-size cloudy jar on the bar. It was very Moe’s Tavern.

Sounds: Other than the drunken banter of the regulars it was karaoke night. I am always up for karaoke! I did notice the line was fairly large but I put in my request anyway. I have to give props to the KJ, he didn’t waste time with filler, he got everyone up n’ out and before I knew it it was my turn!

Parking: It’s downtown Elgin, so all street parking.

Overall: Eaton’s, you really freaked me out at first glance but after getting to know you I think we may have something here. I will keep a mental note to always bring cashand to eat before my outing in tackling another mason jar!

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