Anberlin takes the Stage with Taking Back Sunday at Soma!

Soma Mainstage – San Diego, CA

Stephen Christian – Vocals
Joeseph Milligan – Guitar
Deon Rexroat – Bass Guitar
Christian McAlhaney – Guitar
Nathan Young – Drums

Anberlin 6.5

Anberlin was the opening act for Taking Back Sunday on that very insane Friday night. It was a sold-out show which meant there was over 2,500 of us packed into the Soma venue. It also meant there wasn’t enough
parking for us near the venue so we had to park at the San Diego Sports Arena a few blocks down.

Anberlin really has a hold on their crowd. As I waited through soundcheck there was a group of kids in front of me and she complained about having a poll in her way because she couldn’t see the entire stage. She carried on then stopped suddenly as she turned and said to her friends, “Thank God I’ve seen these guys 13 times already or I would’ve had a problem with this poll!” Wow, I didn’t really question this girl to see if she was exaggerating or not but by the time Anberlin hit the stage she was singing lyric for lyric.

Anberlin 6.5

When Anberlin hit the stage the crowd went nuts. I got this feeling that many were there to see Anberlin over Taking Back Sunday. They played a great set with Stephen vocals being right on par! For one to actually hear the frontman’s vocals crisp and clearly is an amazing thing.

Anberlin 6.5

I must say even though the set rocked and the crowd was moving and singing the venue itself was uncomfortable. You could see it in everybody’s faces. It was HOT in there! Security had to continually open the side doors for fresh air. Soma, are you cheap or is the air conditioning not working??? I was warned about this ahead of time because another writer went to Soma the night before for Kate Voegele and she was dying.

Anberlin 6.5

My favorite songs of the night:
Feel Good Drag
New Order cover -It rocked!
A Whisper and a Clamor

It’s not too late to catch Anberlin! They are still on tour! They are out supporting their latest release New Surrender out in stores now!

Anberlin 6.5

Anberlin 6.5

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