Arrica Rose’s Pretend I’m Fur

Arrica Rose
Pretend I’m Fur
Released 2009

Arrica Rose Pretend I'm Fur

Arrica Rose hit the famous Hotel Café Thursday night to celebrate her album release Pretend I’m Fur. It debuted at #32 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts and received its “New and Noteworthy” feature. I think the best note about this album is that it happened by accident. I love it when things like this happen. Pretend I’m Fur started as a fake band. Arrica and producer Dan Garcia (David Crosby, Christina Aguilera, Leonard Cohen) were in the studio messing around with some beats and as it turns out the experimentation turned into 6 original songs dubbed Pretend I’m Fur.

Arrica Rose 1

The first time Pretend I’m Fur played on my Zune player I couldn’t help but think how reminiscent she is of Canadian singer Chantal Kreviazuk. They both have this amazing voice that is hypnotizing. I feel like this very wise woman is singing to me about life as Arrica does in “Pillow on the Ground.”

My favorite tunes off the album are “Be” and “I’ll Love You Forever & Other Lies.” The both are upbeat  songs that will send you mind to that great place on the beach sipping margaritas.  “Be” has this very early 90’s pop sound. I immediately was taken back to the height of Sophie B. Hawkins. If you listen to any song of the album, have it be either “Be” or “I’ll Love You Forever & Other Lies.” I really just love the title of I Love You..because don’t we all feel like we’ve been lied to like that at one time or another?

My only complaint is that it’s only 6 songs. I wish they had experimented a bit more.

Tour Dates:
June 11 – HOTEL CAFE CD release party! – Los Angeles…10:00pm
July 1 – HOTEL UTAH – San Francisco…8:00pm
July 25 – ZOEY’s – Ventura…8:00pm
Aug 12 – CAFE CORDIALE – Sherman Oaks…9:00pm

April 8 – CRANE’s – Los Angeles…10:00pm
Mar 18 – ONE 2 ONE BAR I HEART Austin Party details here – Austin…9:00pm
Mar 7 – HOTEL CAFE – Los Angeles…10:00pm
Feb 13 – ZOEY’S – Ventura…8:00pm
Jan 24 – SANTA CRUZ House Concert…5:00pm email for tickets:
Jan 22 – LUIGI’S FUN GARDEN w/ Karma & Brown Shoe – Sacramento…9:00pm
Jan 20 – HOTEL UTAH – San Francisco w/ Karma…8:00pm
Dec 28 – THE ZIPPER FACTORY I HEART NYC Coalition to End Hunger fundraiser – NYC…8:00pm
Dec 3 – THE ROXY – Los Angeles…9:00pm
Nov 19 – CRANE’s FREE show…9:00pm
Sept 25 – THE KEYCLUB (PLUSH Lounge)…9:00pm
Aug 27 – HOTEL CAFE – Los Angeles…8:00pm
July 26 – HOTEL UTAH – San Francisco…9:00pm
July 16 – ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL – NYC…8:00pm
July 1 – THE ELBO ROOM w/ Martha Berner – Chicago…9:00pm

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