NYC DJ Nickodemus releases sophomore album this month

“Sun People”
Released June 16, 2009

Written by Nadia Ibanez

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I’m not going to lie. When I first read the pitch about Nickodemus’ sophomore album being deemed as “crossing the entire dubwise, latin, Brooklyn electronica vibe,” I thought to myself, “Uh, what does that even mean?” I’m sure if I was a New Yorker, or even an East Coast gal, I’d know exactly what they were trying to say. And three seconds after playing the Intro track, I was hooked.

Nickodemus, who has been in the forefront of the NYC dance music scene for over ten years, released “Sun People” on June 16, which was inspired by “sunny days and good people.” Sounds more like a So Cal surf-inspired album if you ask me. His album mixes dance music from Latin America, Romania, India, Turkey, the UK and Brooklyn. Nickodemus’ other claim to fame: He is one of the founders of “Turntables on the Hudson,” which started out in 1998 as one of the first late night outdoor parties in NYC’s parking garages, lofts and boats. In its 11th year, movers and shakers can groove to the beats of the Brazilian Girls, Los Amigos Invisibles and Tortured Soul in infamous New York clubs and venues.

The album blends languages around the world with heavy percussion, flutes, rhythm…everything that is good in the eyes of local DJs. A few of these songs also reminded me of the music you would hear in a super trendy yoga studio while holding some crazy posture or at some uber hip downtown loft. My favorite tracks are “Sun Children” featuring The Real Live, “The Love Feeling” featuring Brian J of The Pimps of Joytime and “Didibina” featuring Falu.

I’d definitely recommend the album to those in need of some new dance music for their workout mixes on their iPods, those in the know of global DJ beats and those just looking for some catchy and dancey music for the summer.

Check out Nickodemus tour dates

Jun 23 8:00P San Joan Festival @ LASAL Beach Barcelona, Barcelona

Jun 26 11:00P Marula Cafe Barcelona Barcelona, Barcelona

Jun 27 10:00P Raw Fusion Party Stockholm Stockholmes :), Stockholms län

Jun 27 10:00P Vs COMBO with DJ Vadim Brooklyn, New York

Jul 2 10:00P Afrofunke @ Zanzibar Santa Monica, California

Jul 3 8:00P TOTH @ Water Taxi Beach * Queens * FRIDAYS!!! Long Island City Queens, New York

Jul 4 3:00P PEX SUMMER FESTIVAL Darlington, Maryland

Jul 9 6:00P Oliver Peoples Store Manhattan, New York

Jul 10 8:00P TOTH @ Water Taxi Beach * Queens * FRIDAYS!!! Long Island City Queens, New York

Jul 11 3:00P The Yard Brooklyn, New York

Jul 17 8:00P TOTH with QUANTIC Long Island City Queens, New York

Jul 18 3:00P Artscape Festival Baltimore Main Stage Baltimore, Maryland

Jul 18 10:00P Nickodemus & Quantic @ 18th Street Lounge CHOCOLATE CITY, DC, Washington DC

Jul 23 9:00P SUN PEOPLE release party @ Jukejoint Sebastopol, California

Jul 24 10:00P LA TBA Los Angeles, California


Jul 29 8:00P Turntables on the Harbor @ Mondo Mundo Barcelonetta, Barcelona

Jul 30 11:00P BEBOP in San Sebastian San Sebastian BASQUE Country, undefined

Jul 31 7:00P MOVE FESTIVAL La Coruna La Coruna, Coruña

Aug 1 8:00P Turntables on the DANUBE Budapest

Aug 14 8:00P TBA Berlin Berlin

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