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    Perez Hilton Gets Ruffed Up By Black Eye Peas Posse

    After last night’s MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, gossip blogger Perez Hilton and Black Eyed Peas MC/producer Will.i.am allegedly had an altercation outside of an afterparty that resulted in Hilton being assaulted, the manager of the BEP being arrested and a very public battle of Tweets and video statements being transmitted for the entire world to see, the National Post reports.

    The dust-up began at the MuchMusic Awards’ dress rehearsal on Saturday night. According to Hilton’s video statement, Fergie approached him backstage and asked why he was always so mean to her. Hilton says he diffused the situation by complimenting her. Perez admits that backstage at the ceremony the following day, he told the press he was shoulderchecked by a member of the BEP entourage. Later in the night at the afterparties, Perez says he was confronted again but this time by Will.i.am.

    Keep Reading To Hear More About The Scrum!

    At the Universal Music party at the Cobra nightclub Will.i.am got into an argument with Perez, this time with the two men getting in each other’s faces. When the situation escalated to its breaking point, Perez antagonized Will by calling him a “faggot,” something Hilton admitted doing in his video statement addressing the issue. Will.i.am also confirmed this in his own video statement on DipDive: “This dude twists it and says I assaulted him when I was the one who came to him with respect and he was the one who called me a ‘faggot’ outside the club.”

    After the scuffle Perez claims the BEP “followed” him to his hotel, even though they were all staying at the same hotel. He was affraid for his life and called the police. Supposedly the police said they had real emergencies to attend to so Perez hit Twitter! At roughly 3:45 a.m. EST, Hilton Twittered, “I was assaulted by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.” Hilton made several more pleas to his Twitter followers to call the police and send them to the Soho Metropolitan Hotel. Oddly enough, the hotel told the National Press they were receiving phone calls from as far as China and India after Perez’s Tweet at 3:45 a.m.

    Will.i.am, on his own Twitter, said, “Perez Hilton is a liar…” In his video following the incident, Will.i.am told fans, “Instead of calling the police, you [Perez] Twitted that I assaulted you… sounds like somebody wants mad attention and is not really concerned with his health… I didn’t hit you. Shame on you, shame your behavior.” Somehow, even Tila Tequila’s Twitter became involved as a sideline reporter of sorts, with the MTV star Tweeting, “Unless Perez is drunk N someone knocked him out N he thinks it was a Will.I.Am look-a-like. But Will has no idea what Perez is talkin about.”

    By night’s end, however, the details of the assault became clear, and it was Will’s manager Polo Molina, or Molina Liberio as he is named in the police report, who was arrested and charged with one count of assault. Molina is due in court August 5th to face the charge. In Hilton’s videostatement he said it was Molina and not Will.i.am that punched him several times in the eye, with Hilton sporting a semi noticeable black eye in the video. “Will.i.am is a coward and a disgusting human begin for lying,” Hilton said his video statement, adding that Will was a coward for not punching Hilton himself. In an effort to find the truth, and maybe call a truce, following the incident, Ryan Seacrest has invited both Hilton and Will.i.am onto his show to discuss the altercation.

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