JD Webb Brings the Introduction to San Diego with Nikka Costa

JD Webb
The Belly Up Tavern – San Diego, CA

JD WEBB The Belly Up 6.14

I went to the JD Webb show without hearing a single song of his (at least that’s what I thought) but JD has been a songwriter and has finally stepped out to be his own performer. He was previously in a band called Raze. JD also released Bring It On with Warner Bros. in 2003 that received critical acclaim.  Rolling Stone even dubbed him a “prolific songwriter.” You also may have heard his music on Days of Our Lives on NBC. I did glance at his Myspace profile and developed a few thoughts in my head of what the night was going to be like, but all my expectations for the night were wrong.

JD WEBB The Belly Up 6.14

The Belly Up didn’t look like it usually did. It’s usually filled with fans that come in t-shirt and jeans and are there to catch their favorite artists or they are just there to be turned onto new music. That particular Sunday night was filled with the best and most beautiful people. I felt a bit out of place and normally I wouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb in my jeans and tee. I knew I was in for a special treat just by gauging the audience.

JD WEBB The Belly Up 6.14

Not knowing a single song from JD, I was completely enthralled in the show! It wasn’t just JD — he brought the entire crew. He had three beautiful and insanely talented backup singers. I turned to my guest I took along and we decided that the backup singers alone could have had their own show.

JD WEBB The Belly Up 6.14

The night was filled with dancing and discovering that JD is going to be hugely successful because I know now what Rolling Stone was talking about when they called him a “prolific songwriter.” He can capture any audience because his show entertaining and the songs are just that good. I could smell all the radio hits and it’ll be interesting to see what happens when the album drops in August.

JD WEBB The Belly Up 6.14

My highly recommended songs to check out when they are up for grabs or preview are “Big for Me”, “Better Man”, “Introduction” , and “Goodbye Hollywood”. I must confess I have an advanced copy of the album and I haven’t passed track number 6. I keep playing the first 6 songs over and over and hoping by August I get to the rest of the album!

JD has the soul and the talent and he gives off a huge vibe in his live performances.   JD was on a four date run with the fabulous Nikka Costa and I was told to expect more summer dates with JD opening for her. JD’s latest album, The Introduction, is due out later this year.

The Introduction
Big For Me
Better Man
Falls Apart
Killing Me
Money on You

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