Los Angeles based songwriter/ composer/ multi-instrumentalist Michael Orendy, who performs as Frankel, returns with his stunning sophomore release

Anonymity is the New Fame on Autumn Tone Records

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Anonymity is the New Fame is a working philosophy and a way to live an artist’s and musician’s life in a world of showboaters and technological exhibitionists. It’s a way to stay yourself in a world where every sound and feeling shoved through the same narrow channels start to sound like a repetitive buzz of buzz.

Press Hearts Frankel!

Los Angeles Times

“Gently orchestrated pop that will recall a Randy Newman or Harry Nilsson yet harbors the subtle textures and atmospherics you might hear on a Grandaddy record.”Aquarium Drunkard

“an absolute must for fans of Nilsson, Lennon/McCartney, et al.”

Hero Hill

“Orendy is a refreshing breeze you need during the dog days of summer. The ten songs are perfect for afternoon lethargy …. he confidently shifts to dreamy, fuzzed out pop that warms your ears and your heart.”

You Set the Scene:

“Frankel’s first record drew comparisons to Harry Nilsson and Lennon/McCartney, while I compared it to Richard Swift and Andrew Bird. Those influences are muted this time around. The new songs are a little less bouncy pop and a little more fuzzy folk….. This record will, once again, most likely end up very high on my list of best of 2009…..”

Surfing on Steam:

“Frankel (Michael Orendy) returns with “Weather Balloon”, a brand new track featured on his forthcoming album Anonymity is the New Fame on Autumn Tone. The song starts off gentle and relaxing with Orendy’s acoustic guitar slowly inching towards a vibratoed electric charge. But be patient, because all of the elements are soon joined by a rhythm section and, eventually, a glowing cloud of keys that adds atmosphere and mood. “Weather Balloon” is half acoustic folk (much like his excellent debut Lullaby for the Passerby) and half space pop, which hints at a promising and more dynamic sophomore effort. Resistance is futile:” Harry Nilsson to Lennon/McCartney to Grandaddy.”



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Web In Front

“While the disc may not dispel the constant comparisons to everyone from

The forthcoming release is the anticipated follow-up to Frankel’s 2007 release Lullaby for the Passersby

Available via Autumn Tone Records today. Available in stores Sept 1st.

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