Ani DiFranco Returns to Humphrey’s

Ani DiFranco
Humphrey’s By The Bay San Diego, CA
June 28, 2009

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Nothing signifies summer in San Diego more like an outdoor summer concert during sunset. Ani DiFranco played at the Humphrey’s by the Bay last night in a setting that was needless to say…incredible. After arriving and passing through the concessions that offered hot dogs, pizza, sushi (yes, sushi) and popcorn we sat down to watch the opening band.

Seagulls were flying over us, sail boats were docked around the perimeter of the stage, hotel suites were perched over the venue, palm trees were rustling in the wind while the ocean breezes cooled down the audience, who all had a red tint to their faces and shoulders from the weekend’s heat wave. This ambiance was totally San Diego.

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The crowd was one big mixtures of every walk of life in San Diego. The gays were out in full force and I loved it. It’s so awesome to see couples in love, no matter what race, what gender, what age. And it was great to be among other people that had no problem with the image of two beautiful women or two gorgeous men canoodling…I definitely appreciate it.

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Ani came on a little bit after sunset to a warm crowd. I had never known too much about her music prior to the show. There was so much passion behind each word she sang, each strum on her acoustic guitar, each joke and story she told. She told us that Humphrey’s will always hold a special place in her heart because this was the first place that her daughter laughed—so cute. Considering her petite stature, Ani rocked it out.

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Her songs throughout the show were beach and ocean inspired. She had quite a few songs that were about female empowerment, taking life by the reigns and going with the flow. Her lyrics were deep and she wasn’t afraid to sing about her love for Obama and the crazy politics prior, a woman’s right to choose, democracy, feminism and the law of attraction. A lot of her lyrics correlated with elements going on my life at the moment so I could completely relate with the messages she was trying to relay through her words. If any music fan is currently feeling a bit lost in their world and in their life, they need to listen to a few of her songs to find some balance.

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Throughout the entire show, fans were dancing in their seats and a handful actually got up and danced around to their favorite song. It’s hard to go to a show that you’re amped to see only to find out that you would actually have to stay seated through the entire show. All of the seats were ground level and I could feel the energy that people wanted to get up, dance and bob their heads. Toward the end of the show, the crowd bum rushed the stage and got their dance on, in a peaceful manner of course.

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