Michael Jackson Dies From Overdose / Michael’s Will Surfaces

TMZ is reporting Michael Jackson died from a drug overdose. Jackson got a Demerol injection the morning he died. There may be more than one drug involved. The LAPD is still conducting an active investigation.

Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s mother, has been granted temporary guardianship of Michael’s three kids.  A hearing is set for next Monday on the matter.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s Will has surfaced. Michael’s lawyer has a copy of the singer’s will and he intends to file it with the court. The Jackson family doesn’t have a copy of the will in attorney John Branca’s possession. It’s unclear how many wills Jackson made, but Branca believes it’s the most current. Branca has a long history with Jackson. In 1985, Branca brokered the deal for Jackson to purchase The Beatles’ publishing catalogue. Branca and Jackson stopped working together in 2006 but the singer hired him back just three weeks ago. Debbie Rowe will be served with notice of a hearing.

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