ASCAP is going after Bloggers! Apparently Suing for P2P Downloads Wasn’t Making Them Enough Money!

Anger has hit me…it’s overwhelming me. ASCAP is at it again!! ASCAP’s new target is Youtube users, particularly users who embed Youtube videos on their blogs. ASCAP has already handed out invoices to the bigger blogs that THEY DEEM “commercial” and that they DEEM “a larger venture than simply a personal blog.”

When I signed up to start blogging, (I really hate that term, by the way) I didn’t ask to be handed invoices and bills from Youtube. I actually am not a fan of Youtube. My only saving grace is I don’t have any advertising on this machine yet. I am greasing the wheels to make that happen, plus much more. I didn’t sign any contract with Youtube or with ASCAP that said anything about invoicing me in the future when they decide that they need more money. It’s like picking up a FREE Chicago Reader and then The Reader deciding it’s going to charge you and sends you invoices for all the Readers you’ve picked up or read in the past.  It’s ridiculous. I am going to start suing all the publicists that send me Youtube links to post for them. Then I am going to be knocking on Youtube’s/Google’s  door and ask for them to pay my lawyer!  Google is currently handling all the legal woes but for how much longer?

I feel for Jason Calacanis from I really do. He’s not exactly the most liked blogger or personality, but people listen to him. I guess since Jason’s site and blog gets enough traffic and they think he makes enough money that it justifies going after Mahalo for money. I want to know what rules they set and then I want a job with them because apparently you can just make shit up as you go along and get away with it. I am wondering for how much longer, ASCAP?

Who does ASCAP think they are to NOW decide that users and bloggers should be backpaying royalties?

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  1. Eh, if we get any invoices we can just give them to the Publicists. It seems that’s how you do business these days, just pass the buck!

  2. I lived the idea of setting a tent on Google’s lawn with the goats and feeding the bills and invoices to them while making Youtube clips! Are you game?

  3. That is Brilliant! I’m down!!!

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