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Los Angeles, CA, July 6, 2009 marks the 17 year anniversary to the day that the rock juggernaut that is MxPx performed their very first show in the backyard of Mike Herrera’s childhood home in Bremerton, WA. In that very suburban spot, they created a recording studio out of the free-standing garage, and The Clubhouse was born. It has become a memorable and historic location for the band, which is why they have chosen, on this anniversary, to bring it back home, literally, and perform a “best of” set list live for their fans!

MxPx has teamed up with Stickam.com to bring their fans to one online location on Wednesday, July 8, for a full band performance. The performance will be a true fan experience with the band performing and doing an open Q&A throughout their set for all fans to take part in. Fans can log onto www.stickam.com/mxpx, starting Wednesday, July 8 at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST, with the live set kicking off at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST. Always wanting to have fans involved, in conjunction with the live performance, the band has teamed up with pickRset.com starting Monday, July 6, fans can log onto www.pickrset.com/bands/mxpx as well as MxPx’s official website and social networking sites (listed below) to vote, actually hand-picking the bands “best of” set list for the Wednesday show. Fans will have up until the morning of the performance to choose their favorite MxPx songs for the performance.

With bands sprouting up left and right, longevity is an attribute found in few and far between within today’s society. With that in mind, on thoughts of whether the band believed they would be together this long, front man Mike Herrera says, “I never thought about it too much, although, sometimes it feels like an endurance test… how long will we last?” According to the faithful, MxPx has more than passed the test. And what news fans probably don’t realize, drummer Yuri Ruley responds simply as “I’ve spent over half my life in MxPx. Let that blow your mind a little!”

Over the years many memorable performances and moments come to mind, but Mike recalls the 2000 Warped Tour as one, where the band played right through a huge rainstorm with a hardly a single fan leaving to seek shelter during the set. Guitarist Tom Wisniewski cherishes the opportunity MxPx had to open for Joe Strummer in 1999 at the Fillmore in San Francisco, “We didn’t play any better than normal, but getting to share the stage with a legend was

truly an honor.” Yuri recalls their first show in Brazil as a favorite. “It was insane. I was so taken aback by how good it was that I kinda had what I can only describe as an “out of body” experience. I was sort of floating above myself, playing, yet also observing.”

Cherishing 17 years together, returning to The Clubhouse for this anniversary show is, as the band states, a huge honor in itself, even though it’s Mike’s house to begin with. This was where the band’s early works, specifically Renaissance EP and Panic, were developed and recorded. The band is also paying homage to the fans and the

city they love, Bremerton, WA, where they do in fact have a key to the city, a huge accomplishment and honor for anyone.

As to the future, the band has some definite thoughts on what, and where, they would like to go. Mike thinks playing a concert in Africa would be wild, and Tom wants, “to play a USO show in Iraq (or wherever they wanna send us) for the troops. It’d be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Besides, who doesn’t wanna ride in a Blackhawk Helicopter?” Always open to new opportunities, the band recently visited China for the first time and Israel for the first time last year. Whatever lies ahead the band is ready – a new cover album, On The Cover II, is out now through Tooth & Nail Records, in the studio working on a new EP, readying the release of a Christmas album later this year and more yet to be unveiled. As the momentum continues and as the band continues to create, tour and impact music fans worldwide, why change the formula? MxPx are in it for the long haul!


Albums & Compilations

1994 Pokinatcha

1995 Teenage Politics

1996 Life in General

1998 Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo

1998 Way of the Buffalo, Vol. 2 (import)

1998 Let It Happen

1999 At the Show (live)

2000 The Ever Passing Moment

2002 Ten Years and Running

2002 Lost In Japan (import)

2003 Before Everything & After

2005 Panic

2006 Let’s Rock

2006 Let It Happen [Deluxe Edition]

2007 Secret Weapon

2007 Secret Weapon [Deluxe Edition]

2008 The Ultimate Collection

2009 On the Cover II


1995 On the Cover

1996 Move to Bremerton

2001 The Renaissance EP

2004 The AC/EP

DVDs & Videos

2000 It Came From Bremerton

2004 B-Movie

2009 Triple Threat


1994 17

1995 Punk Rawk Show

1997 Small Town Minds

2000 The Broken Bones

2008 Picture Disk

www.mxpx.com  www.myspace.com/mxpx  www.facebook.com/mxpxpx


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