Jackson Was Self-Injecting Demerol

Two doctors who treated Michael Jackson have not been helpful with their medical records. Dr. Arnold Klein and Dr. Conrad Murray have not turned over the medical records the L.A. County Coroner’s office has requested. Doctors have turned over some records, but the coroner’s office has not gotten the complete file from either doctor.

A driver for Michael told the coroner’s officials shortly after his death Michael was going to Dr. Klein’s office multiple times a week in the months preceding his death and sometimes would spend 3 to 4 hours inside.  The driver told coroner’s officials Jackson appeared disoriented when he left Klein’s office. This is consistent with what a bodyguard told Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies in 2004, when Jackson left the offices of Klein and other doctors. Retired L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy Michael Laperruque said some doctors were trying to get Jackson off of Demerol, and that one of the doctor’s in Santa Barbara “was upset with Jackson because he had been self-injecting.” Laperruque told detectives he had picked up Jackson’s prescriptions for the singer, usually under the name Chris Carter. Carter was one of Jackson’s bodyguards. Laperruque also told detectives one time when he was at Neverland his job was to keep Jackson’s family out because they were planning an intervention.

According to law enforcement, Michael Jackson had injection sites on his neck. Supposedly Jackson had “dozens” of injection sites and punctures all over his body the day he died. Some of these injection sites and punctures were old and some were fresh. They were found on his upper arms, upper legs, ankles, inside around his knees and the neck.

Dr. Arnold Klein told Larry King, “I never saw needle marks on his body.” Klein, who saw Jackson multiple times in the weeks before his death, did not explain why he didn’t notice marks on the singer’s neck and other places.

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