Keisha Chante Trains for Aaliyah Movie

Keisha ChanteWe reported back in January singer Keisha Chante has secured the role of Aaliyah for an upcoming biopic. The rumors about the movie having a small budget have changed. Bill Condon, director of the Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson movie Dreamgirls and writer of the movie Chicago, has been linked to the film. You know what this means!! We will all be enlightened with a big time flick.

Condon is known to attract big-time talent to his projects. According to Bossip, Condon has already secured Timbaland, Ginuwine, and Missy E. to appear in the film and play themselves. Even Hype Williams is on board to recreate Aaliyah’s final video shoot.

For all of you Chante haters, and I know there are many of you out there, don’t fret! Condon has put Chante through some serious training for this!

“We are going to great extremities to make this movie perfect. We have Chante in extensive……training studying, speaking with family members, watching personal footage and in choreography training with Aaliyah’s choreographer and dear friend Fatima Robinson. This movie will will be seamless the same way it was for Selena fans who enjoyed Jennifer Lopez.”

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  1. mitchellp says:

    can’t wait!!! I know I’m gonna see this movie like 8 times. I love me sum Aaliyah! Keisha better work!

  2. Karla K. says:

    I waited so long for this, now I am afraid, not because of Chante, I’m sure she will do good, but because I am afraid that this won’t do her justice in some sort of a way, I don’t know, I still can’t wait!!!

  3. Karla K. says:

    BTW, Keisha Chante is Drake’s Ex-girl, how cute!!!

  4. Cro Girl says:

    I don’t know about Keisha Chante, but if director said that she could do it, I guess she can. All I know is that this project is a true gift to all of us who lost one part of our harts the day she was gone. We love you Aaliyah. Thanks again to Bill Condon. :)

  5. eljah pantin says:

    aaliyah is my idol

  6. eljah pantin says:

    aaliyah i miss u god bless

  7. Dijon Perkins says:

    OMG! I can’t wait to see this movie, Aaliyah was one and still is one of the best singers of our time. Im just wishing Keisha Chante the best of luck with this movie role. Make us all proud and especially make Aaliyah smile from heaven above.

  8. Reyhan says:

    Thanks a lot for keeping us updated!! I used to be a huge fan of Aaliyah and I’m lookinf forward to see the film! :)

  9. darnell says:

    Lisa Tucker from american idol and the game looks just like aaliyah

  10. jasmine says:


  11. aelaina says:

    i jus want to knw when the movie is coming out

  12. eljah pantin says:

    aaliyah is so my idol keisha chante looks kinda like aaliyah i love aaliyah my idol no role model but so sexy i i miss u please rock my boat i need ur resulution and im tired of losse raps lol

    ur faith is in our hearts reyhan aaelina and minessssssssss

  13. eljah pantin says:

    aaliyah liyah li ali alaya baby girl……….. all her nick names

  14. eljah pantin says:

    sa wah she is gone, gone to heaven

  15. Andres says:

    Great to hear this woman is finally landing a movie based on her life, and it is even greater that Keisha Chante is being prepared for the film. The formula for the making of the film on Selena worked really well, so I’m guessing it will give Aaliyah her justice in the same way Selena was given hers.

  16. jasmine says:

    i doon’t think keisha can do it she don’t look shit like aaliyah i not lying i meet aaliyah

  17. missevegee says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie…I really like Keisha chante.
    I hope she is going to make a great job…! we all know no one can replace babygurl!!!
    I really can’t wait to see this movie…!!

  18. dAL says:


  19. ventino says:

    Iam really looking foward to see this movie i hope it can be a huge success as notorious and selena. keshia chante sure does look like aaliyah. And iam sure she will do the world proude.

  20. I truly cannot wait untilthis movie debuts. I pray it’s a box offie success in first week sells. I love me some Aaliyah, and i listen to More Than a woman all the time. I noticed her after the crash. I never use to watch TV really, but Aaliyah attracted me to her. It’s one of my dreams to atleast appear in the movie, or the video. Also i will become a author this year, because i’m writing a horror novel, and i want to write a book on Aaliyah as well. Even to remix More than a woman. Hopefully.

  21. elena says:

    I cant wait for this movie to come out I have been waiting for it since the year of her passing it is long overdue!!! I love Aaliyah n im sure the movie will be great!

  22. Sonia says:

    I think that Keisha will do a great job. Can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  23. POLO909 says:


  24. Royce says:

    I dont know nothing about Keisha but I do know that Ive been waitin for this movie so yall need to deliver. with high expectations by fans being met.

  25. hazel anne says:

    im so going to watch this movie as soon as it comes out n new zealand yaay

  26. BabyBoii says:

    AALIYAH is one the greatest artist to grace this earth. she is one of if not my numba one artist of allllll time.

    at first i didnt think keisha chante would be good. but i looked at many of her pics and think she is great and also read alot of good things about her. so i think she was born for the part and it will catpault her to superstardom!! i can see it now. and there is nooooo way this movie will do bad eitha they have a 80 million dollar budget and greta ppl behind it. its a big production. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. kaillee king says:

    i cant wait for this movie. chante better work this role.. if she mess up something gonna go down. i am so nervous about this movie. i am gonna but it and watch it over and over. hahahahah.i am excited.R.I.P babygirl aaliyah

  28. derrick williams says:

    I really hope chante captures aaliyah. as an actor and devoted aaliyah fan(look up “aaliyah hosts trl” on you tube im the guy she put on the air)i hope i wont be too critical of her performance. but even if i am, the fact that the movie is even being made warrants a trip to the theatre 4 me….MISS U BABY GIRL

  29. Crook C*ck says:

    I don’t think she looks like Aaliyah. I can’t believe they picked her.They should of had an open casting call.All I’m going to see on the screen is Keshia dressing up as Aaliyah not Aalyah.They need an unknown women.someone that will make you think of Aaliyah only and not Keshia Chante. open Casting call please.Recast!


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