Priscilla Renea’s Official Video for “Hello My Apple” is Now Up on Her YouTube Page!

Priscilla Renea – “Hello My Apple” (Official Video)

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As a pop-music singer/songwriter whose styles unite like a teen’s iPod on shuffle, Priscilla Renea is a true product of the Internet Generation. Having already showcased her musical talents to over a million viewers from the comforts of home, she has been self-promoting her musical craft on YouTube for a little over a year. Since then, Priscilla’s songs have had over 1.6 million views, over 30,000 channel subscribers and scores of imitators. Now signed to Power/Capitol Records, fans can finally experience this YouTube-sensation beyond the webcam with the release of her debut EP Hello My Apple (released March 31).

A Navy kid who attended more than twenty schools in her adolescence, Priscilla gravitated to choirs and theater groups, winning her first musical theater competitions as a high-schooler, and dreaming of making it on Broadway. It wasn’t until her senior year of high school in Vero Beach, Florida that she discovered her natural talent for writing catchy, pop songs only after her father gave her a guitar for Christmas. Some teenage girls’s write in their diaries and lock them with a key; Priscilla poured her heart into songwriting and shared it with a social network of soon-to-be fans. Her debut EP Hello My Apple features three tracks that were among her most popular on YouTube: “I Fell in Love,” “Hello My Apple,” and “Cry.”

Hello My Apple EP on iTunes

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