The Drums To Release Summertime EP On Twenty Seven Records Sept 15th

East Coast Tour Dates / Play Rooftop Film NYC Showcase, July 30th

Play Studio B, InSound 10th Anniversary Bash,

Look Out For Debut LP Early 2010

“Nobody knew what was in store; not the band and certainly not those in attendance. But the first-ever show by Florida’s The Drums (Jonathan Pierce of Elkland and Jacob Graham of Horse Shoes) was arguably the highlight of the final day of NYC Popfest ” — Brooklyn Vegan

“The Drums are one of the most refreshing bands we’ve seen in quite a long time. They’ll be HUGE…This band just knows how to write a song that shimmers and sparkles and jingles and jangles. It sounded like every song they played was a potential summer hit.” — Oh My Rockness

“From start to finish, they play a totally refreshing set that shed a bright joyful light over the entire room.” – NY PRESS

“They are teen dreamers…their post-war optimism rides on the pink, paradise island surf” — RCRD LBL

“Jonathan and Jacob met each other at summer camp when they were children. they’ve been best friends ever since (except for a five year period when they hated each other). They’ve both had successful musical careers individually, but this is the first time they’ve sat down and written songs together. “We’ve always wanted to make music together, but distance and violence has always stopped us.”

“We’d been planning a new band together for a while. Jon was living in New York and I was living in Florida. He said the music scene was better in NYC and I said the surfing was better down here so Jon moved to Florida and we started The Drums.”

“We just wanted to start a band that sounded like The Wake.” say The Drums, “We heard their song ‘Pale Spectre’ and went crazy! Maybe our music didn’t turn out sounding too much like The Wake but we’re really just like everybody else, chasing that perfect pop song. And that’s not so bad right?”

Not so bad indeed! The Drums have a sound that pulls together years of obvious influence by the Factory records sound and a sudden fascination with 50’s surf culture. A combination that maybe doesn’t seem logical, but when you hear it you’ll know you need it, you’ve gotta have it and it’s what has always been missing. Now back in New York City, The Drums are hard at work on their first record, which is bound to be an instant classic!

By the way there are sites such as Skyscraper Magazine (formerly print), Blog Critics, RCRD LBL and etc. that I can get reviews or coverage out of for sure. Is there a way to see the list before I pick it up? This is really great in being able to work this out with you!

Band Members

Jonathan Pierce – The Singin’

Jacob Graham – The Stringin’

Adam Kessler – The Twangin’

Connor Hanwick – The Bangin’

US Tour Dates

Jul 9 – July Feature Show @ Public Assembly – Brooklyn

Jul 22 – The Bell House w/ My Teenage Stride, Paul and the Patients, New Numbers – Brooklyn

Jul 24 – Europa – Hartford, Connecticut

Jul 29 – LIT w/ The Americans, Tiny Fights, Street Gnar – New York

Jul 30 – Sound Fix Presents THE DRUMS @ Rooftop Films! (outdoor show!) – Brooklyn

Aug 5 – Great Scott – Boston

Aug 7 – Don Hill’s / Mondo indie dance party – New York

Aug 14 – Glasslands w/ Racoon Fighter, The Sundelles, and TBA – Brooklyn

Aug 29 – Studio B -INSOUND 10 Year Anniversary bash! (daytime show!) – Greenpoint

Aug 29 – Littlefield – After The Jump Show! – Brooklyn

Oct 21 – Santos – OH MY ROCKNESS CMJ SHOWCASE! – New York

For Press Inquiries Contact

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