At Rockstar Mayhem…So Far…

At Rockstar Mayhem here in San Bernadino, California, and it’s already insane! There has been a schedule change on the media end as well as for all the fans. They have pushed up everyone’s set by 25 minutes! That is just a little FYI for everybody that is attending.

Just finished my interview with Corey Beaulier from Trivium.  Some highlights so far…their first stop on Mayhem the drummer didn’t make it to the show as well as their guitar tech. Of course, if it could go wrong it did! He said it was still great because it was impromptu by then. Also, there may not be a meet-and-greet with these guys today, but they have tomorrow off and are trying to work something out. We’ll have photos and the interview up in the next couple days.

Also we had a member of Cannibal Corpse who said, “I think I could solve world peace if I could get every person in the world onstage to know what if feels like to have the crowd roar for you.”

Just finished interviewing Jeanne from All That Remains….

More to come..I need food and drink!!

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