The Walkmen, Cymbals Eat Guitars & The Antlers Play Pitchfork Festival

Pitchfork Festival on July 18th & 19th

The Depreciation Guild Play Insound Party Friday July 17th At The Hideout


 The Walkmen

Play Sunday July 19th

Click Here to View NPR World Café Top 10 List

Click Here To View The Walkmen on Juan’s Basement Top 10 Pitchfork Media Performance

Pitchfork Media (Best New Music/8.5) : “This is the sound they’ve reached for since the very beginning, and they’ve never played it as gracefully or confidently as they do here”

NPR All Songs Considered Previews “If Only It Were True”

New York Times, Live Review (Nate Chinen): “… A terriffic new album. “You & Me” signals more than a return to typographically brisk conjunctive clauses: it’s The Walkmen’s sharpest work since “Bows & Arows”, and in some ways an even better record. And the band shows perspective as well as purpose”.

Cymbals Eat Gutiars

Play Saturday July 18th

Pitchfork Premieres New Single

Click Here To Download Tunguska

“You could blame it on so many bands being from autophobic NYC, or that the Pacific Northwest gods of indie are still going too strong to already be a primary influence, but neither would explain New York’s Cymbals Eat Guitars’ Why There Are Mountains. While there’s plenty of geographical signifiers on their debut, it’s almost topographic in its approach, without hooks and choruses so much as map-like layouts of mountains and sloping valleys.” — Pitchfork [Best New Music]

“The most obvious thing​ about ​Cymbals Eat Guitars is that their ​epic, widescreen​ indie ​rock bears ​a striking resemblance to that of Built ​To Spill​ and early​ Modest Mouse​.” – Fluxblog

“Why There Are Mountains may be one of the best ‘indie’ (the album is self-released, so, y’know, actually ‘indie’) albums of the year. And with the major label skyline being obliterated like something out of Independence Day, it’s time to batten down the hatches.” – NME

The Antlers

Play Saturday July 18th

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Pitchfork “Bear” 8/10 Track Review

 NPR 2009’s Best Record Of 2009 So Far

NPR’s All Songs Considered : “One of the most beautiful and moving works I’ve heard in a long, long time. Just astonishing.”

Time Out New York – “truly heart-wrenching”

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