The Bravery Braves Coveted Green Day Opening Slot

The Bravery
United Center – Chicago, IL
July 13, 2009

The Bravery United CenterSam Endicott (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)

I cannot imagine the pressure that The Bravery must have felt while opening up for Green Day last Monday night in Chicago’s largest arena and home to the Bulls and Blackhawks. I would freak out if my job was to warm up an audience consisting of over 15,000 fans waiting to see one of the world’s biggest rock bands. Not an easy task at all. However, I thought The Bravery did a great job even if GD fans had never heard of the band and didn’t care to see an opening act. Hey, openers come with the main headlining act people. You should always be prepared to hear music you either don’t like or don’t know before getting what you came to hear. And obviously, the guys in Green Day must be fans of The Bravery or else they would not have chosen the band to go on tour with them.

Having been a fan of The Bravery since 2005 when a friend introduced me to their music, I was so proud that frontman Sam Endicott and Co. have come so far in their career that they are opening for my favorite band of all time (GD). That’s quite an accomplishment if you ask me. The Bravery performed familiar tracks off of their first two records, as well as gave fans a taste of new material from their new record out this fall. Below are some of the songs the band played at the Chicago stop of the Green Day summer tour…


Public Service Announcement


Hate Fuck

Bad Sun

This Is Not The End

Time Won’t Let Me Go

An Honest Mistake

More photos of the five members of The Bravery after the jump!

The Bravery United CenterMike Hindert (bass, backing vocals)

The Bravery United CenterMichael Zakarin (lead guitar, backing vocals)

The Bravery United CenterJohn Conway (keyboards, backing vocals)

The Bravery United CenterAnthony Burulcich (drums, backing vocals)

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  1. TaraJenkins says:

    Great shots, as always! I like that grey suit, that looks sharp!

  2. TaraJenkins says:

    Also, I think what you said is totally true–they must be really great if Green Day chose them as their openers. I’ve never heard them before…but now I think I’ll go check them out!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    omg I love the bravery! sam is so friggin sexy. i havent listened to them for a long time. I was listening to time won’t let me go for awhile over and over. Green Day is just amazing. Once again, wish I could have been there.

  4. Sarah says:

    I love the bravery :)
    that’s really cool that they got to open for green day :)
    great photos as always lady!!!

  5. Roz says:

    These guys are amazing and can’t wait to see more of them…

  6. susan Wexler says:

    I reallyLOVE the group. Michael Zakarin is my favorite….he’s adorable and very talented. Want to see more of him.
    I willtavelto seethem anywhere.

  7. Kaytee says:

    Okay, so Jen, you already know. They were okay, but I was obviously anticipating GD too much to care about the opening act. Wonderful pictures, you’re talented and it def shows!

  8. Vilmarie R says:

    I’ve heard of this band for the longest time but I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve heard any of their stuff. I might have to check them out. Great pics!

  9. Jamie says:

    I love The Bravery, I’ve found some of my favorite bands by seeing them open for others… Green Day fans were lucky they got The Bravery! What’s with the flower in his hair?

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