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Los Angeles Based Heavy Young Heathens Announces Self-Titled Debut on September 1st

Listen to Sha La La La HERE!

Some Things You Should Know:

They are not foreign. They are not Vegan. They are not Blonde. They have not dated Winona Ryder like every other musician. They do not “Buzz”. They do not steal fur coats. They do not Blog….that much. They do not have iPhones. They do not get table service at clubs, or any other service for that matter. They do not know Madonna or A-Rod, but they do like “Snatch” (the movie). They have been to a house in Austin, TX. but not Austin’s house in TX. They have tried fasting, but the process was too slow. They have met the “Fifth Beatle.”

Who are Heavy Young Heathens? Find out after the jump!

Heavy Young Heathens, a duo made up of brothers Aron and Robert have been making music together in bands their whole lives. Feeling change in the air, they decided to do things a little bit off the beaten path they had become accustomed to, and they decided to record as a duo of just bass and drums. What at first felt odd to them quickly turned in to something that was more familiar then they could imagine.

The band was born right then and a few months later, a record was finished and a U.S tour was booked. Forced to forge the Do-it-Yourself path of record making, touring and merchandising the appeal and ethics of this group is infectious.

Heavy Young Heathens have had dream opportunities, seeing them supporting the likes of R.E.M. (personally invited the brothers to support In Austria), The Raveonettes & Autolux, Violent Femmes, Ben Kenney of Incubus/The Roots, and playing the main stage of Germany’s Rock-am-Ring/Rock-im-Park.

Over the last year, their following has been built strictly upon word of mouth and their ambitious Myspace activity. 2009 will see HYH release their debut full Length LP and put them back out on all the stages across the country. Upon hearing the first few cuts from HYH’s self-released EP. Heavy Young Heathens are sure to be one of the bands to watch in 2009 coming out of the great Southern California city.

For more information contact: Samantha Tillman @ Daffodil Publicity-

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