Adam Yauch Diagnosed with Cancer says a cancerous tumor was discovered in Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch’s left salivary gland. The announcment was made by the Beastie Boys record label, EMI, today. Tho Adam is to make a full recovery, the group has been forced to cancel their upcoming tour and postpone the release of their latest album, Hot Sauce Committee Part 1.

“I just need to take a little time to get this in check, and then we’ll release the record and play some shows,” Yauch, 44, said in a video statement on his band’s official Web site. Yauch promises “We’ll be back doing it soon.”

According to EMI, the cancer was caught early and is localized in one area, rendering it “very treatable.” “Our thoughts, love and prayers are with Adam Yauch, his family and the Beastie Boys,” the record label said in a statement. “The most important thing is to allow Adam to focus on staying healthy. We wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.”

Original album release date was September 15th, no new release date has been announced.

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