All That Remains at Mayhem: Interview with Jeanne Sagan

All That Remains
Rockstar Mayhem 2009 – San Bernadino, CA
Jaeger Stage

All That Remains Rockstar Mayhem 2009 - San Bernadino, CA 7/12/2009 Jaeger Stage

Mayhem came and took over the San Bernadino Valley last Sunday. I walked into the park knowing that this was heavy metal grounds; heavy metal flourishes here and I haven’t heard of a band that has had a bad turn out. This is also the site for the now infamous egging of Iron Maiden back on Ozzfest in 2005.

All That Remains hits the Jaeger Stage at Mayhem in Support of their newest album Overcome. Today everyone appears to be like kids on their first day of school, a bit nervous but ready to go.

We caught up with Jeanne Sagan of All That Remains to talk about life on the road, coming into the band, and life at Mayhem.

Jessica: You played on All That Remains’ last album correct?

Jeanne: I did. I recorded the last two albums Fall of Ideals and Overcome.  I am the resident bass player.

Jessica: How long have you been in the band?

All That Remains Rockstar Mayhem 2009 - San Bernadino, CA 7/12/2009 Jaeger StageJeanne:  I’ve known the band as long as they have been the band. Our bands played a lot of shows together so I’ve known Mike from about ‘98/’99. Where we come from the music scene is so close knit. Killswitch came from our area, Shadows Fall, Unearth; a lot of bands were out and about touring that were all from the same scene. Everyone kind of knows everyone. That’s how I got into the band.

Jessica: What’s the biggest change you’ve seen from the band as once and outsider and now an insider?

Jeanne:  Oh man, I’ve never went on tour before so my entire world changed. Going to see the band then to be onstage is insane. A lot of my friends always wondered what it was like and now I am on a bus and touring.

Jessica: Is it nerve racking?

Jeanne: Not anymore. I was a little nervous the first day trying to get the drummer configured and all that. There is the first day jitters like the first day of school. Once you get your curriculum you are all set.

Jessica: I think you are the only female on the tour.

Jeanne: Yeah, I am the only one that’s in a band. I am the only one that actually gets to be onstage.

Jessica: It’s 3 days into Mayhem, how is it treating you?

Jeanne: Before we even got to this tour our drummer hurt his hand when we were in Europe.  We have a fill-in drummer with us now, and today is his third show with us. That to start off with made it a little nerve racking, but we’ve been looking forward to this tour all year.  It wasn’t going to stop us.

Jessica: Poor Jason, what is he doing?

Jeanne: He’s doing good. He’s at home in Boston probably crying himself to sleep. (laughs)  He has several more appointments. We hope he can come out and play with on this tour because I know it would mean a lot to him.

Jessica: What has been the biggest setback the band has faced?

Jeanne: Right now, I would have to say it is Jason. Things are going so well with the new album. We get amazing tour responses and get offered great tours.  Right now we are riding pretty high up.

Jessica: Where is your favorite place to play?

Jeanne: Wow, we went all over the place this year.  There were a lot of new experiences I’ve never been in and places we haven’t played in a long time. We went to Japan for our first real tour over there. We went to Scandinavia and we played a show in Moscow also. There are so many I can’t pick just one.  I love Finland. It’s probably one of my new favorite places.

Jessica:  The biggest highlight for the band?

Jeanne: Playing in Sweden.  It was one of the most defining moments.

Jessica: Are you writing new material on the road?

Jeanne No, we are still flying high on the new album. It came out in September and now we have our second song on the radio. We are trying to get to as many places as possible.

Jessica:  What is a fun fact about you or the band that we may not know?

Jeanne: Ummm…we are a bunch of nerds! Jason plays World of Warcraft. Mike really likes sports and Phil likes Halo and he’s the internet guy–the Twitter and Facebook. He’s very nerdy like that. I read books and I like science a lot. You don’t have to be really cool.

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Tour Dates for Rockstar Mayhem 2009:

7/10/09 Sacramento, CA     Sleep Train Amphitheatre
7/11/09 San Francisco, CA    Shoreline Amphitheatre
7/12/09 San Bernardino, CA    Glen Helen Pavilion
7/14/09 Seattle, WA    White River Amphitheater
7/17/09 Phoenix, AZ     Cricket Pavilion
7/18/09 Albuquerque,     NM Journal Pavilion
7/19/09 Denver, CO     Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre
7/21/09 Kansas City, KS     Sandstone Amphitheater
7/22/09 St. Louis, MO     Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
7/24/09 Atlanta, GA     Lakewood Amphitheater
7/25/09 Indianapolis,     IN Verizon Wireless Music Centre
7/26/09 Chicago, IL      First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
7/28/09 Toronto, ON     Molson Amphitheater
7/29/09 Scranton, PA     Toyota Pavilion
7/31/09 Cleveland, OH     Blossom Music Center
8/1/09 Pittsburgh, PA     Post Gazette Pavilion
8/2/09 Detroit, MI     DTE Energy Music Theatre
8/4/09 Boston, MA     Tweeter Center
8/6/09 Virginia Beach,     VA Virginia Beach Amphitheater
8/7/09 Camden, NJ     Susquehanna Bank Center
8/8/09 Hartford, CT     New England Dodge Music Center
8/9/09 Washington,  DC     Nissan Pavilion
8/11/09 Tampa, FL     Ford Amphitheatre
8/12/09 West Palm Beach, FL     Cruzan Amphitheatre
8/14/09 Dallas, TX Center
8/15/09 Houston, TX     Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
8/16/09 San Antonio, TX      Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

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