Deastro Releases Third Single “Toxic Crusaders”

Featuring A Minotaur Shock (4AD Records) Remix + FREE Bonus Van Benton Remix

Free Grower EP Out NOW / “Moondagger” Out NOW On Ghostly International

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The third single from Deastro’s Moondagger harnesses Randolph Chabot’s positive outlook, hiding a humble plea for a better world inside a bright synth-rock anthem with macabre undertones. “Toxic Crusaders” envisions a world in which cyclops babies are born from broken families, the symbol of their sins etched in genetic mutation; Chabot plays the hopeful soothsayer, positioning himself as “a prophet of how things should be.” But while “Toxic Crusaders” features some of Deastro’s headier lyrical feats, musically it’s all muscle, featuring stutter-step guitars, blazing synthesizers, and hard-hitting drums, with an unforgettable whistle-while-you-work hook in the chorus.

The single’s B-side is a remix by Bristol, UK’s Dave Edwards, aka Minotaur Shock. The 4AD-affiliated producer strips Deastro’s layered arrangement down to its skivvies and shines a spotlight on Chabot, whose voice gains grain and character against Edwards’ cut-up rhythms.

Also, Van Benton remix is a blast of pop energy, as the Vancouver-based producer/sound designer coats the original with an electro-disco sheen. Randolph Chabot’s ringing chorus reaches new heights on the back of Van Benton’s buzzing synth bassline and mix-swallowing kick drums.

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Randolph Chabot has been making albums since he was 12 years old — now, at 22, the Detroit-based musician known as Deastro is ready for his close-up.

“Vermillion Plaza” the second single from Deastro’s upcoming full-length debut Moondagger, miniaturizes the album’s best assets and shoots them out of a cannon. Plucky synth arpeggios, end-of-the-world choruses, joyously careening melody lines–it’s all there, squashed into a life-affirming three minutes and 50 seconds. When Chabot pleads for contact, singing, “Would you be my son / ’cause all of mine have died?,” it’s less a cry of self-pity than an exhilarating salute to the power of human connection.

Recently, Chicago-based photographer/videographer James P. Morse–a longtime friend and collaborator of Ghostly’s–followed Chabot around Detroit for a day and edited the footage into “Ghostly Presents: Deastro,” a video profile whose warm, colorful aesthetic matches Chabot’s energy and positivity to a T. Chabot putters around his Detroit home, visits his favorite bookstore, gushes about Isaac Asimov and Simone de Beauvoir, and plays a sweaty, packed show with his band. It’s a loving portrait of an artist who stays true to his beliefs, staying passionate, engaged, and creative in all of his endeavors.

Deastro’s full-band debut, Moondagger, arrives on June 23rd, and his “Vermillion Plaza” single — along with its B-side, a squelchy, lumbering remix by Ghostly Swim featured artist Mux Mool — drops May 12th on Ghostly International.

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