Paul Damian Hogan The Third of Frances Self-Releases His Dissertation-Turned-Album The Hut

Performs Solo at Bruar Falls, 8.2 with Supper (Also Record Release!) and Glass Ghost

Paul Damian Hogan the Third leads Frances, a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumental band spinning intricately-orchestrated, quirky pop gems. Hogan is releasing his second solo album, entitled The Hut. Originally conceived, composed and recorded as Paul’s doctoral dissertation, The Hut is a song cycle performed by Hogan (who sings, plays piano and prepared piano) as well as guest musicians on violin, acoustic bass, electric guitar and percussion.

The Hut follows the odyssey of a young man as he searches for the ruins of the composing studio of a long-lost composer. The music combines the rhythmic propulsion of Indonesian gamelan, the microtonal timbres of John Cage’s prepared piano pieces, intricately composed rock drumming, and dreamy harmonies and catchy melodies reminiscent of Van Dyke Parks and George Gershwin. Paul is releasing the record as mp3 only and can be downloaded for free or donation at his website.

Download the The Hut HERE

Supper releases his debut self-titled CD, produced by Paul Damian Hogan. Supper is a child of the great northeast. He grew up across the street from the train tracks and spent his youth throwing chunks of pink granite at the Shoreline East. He never got caught. His album is available for free or donation at his website.

Touchstones are Neil Young, Beck and (smog)

Download the album HERE

And the record release show has a great lineup with Glass Ghost headlining!


Bruar Falls

Sun. Aug. 2nd, 8pm



8pm – Paul Damian Hogan the Third (Record Release)

9pm – Supper (Record Release)

10pm – Glass Ghost

For Press Inquiries Contact

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