The Xylopholks have become the greatest thing in New York

The Xylopholks have become the greatest thing in New York since the invention of baseball!

Costumed Novelty Ragtime Band Bring Smiles to the Subcontinent and Free Beer to Brooklyn

The Xylopholks are Brooklyn’s furry-clad musical act, drawing fans from around the world to see their origional subway act!

If you have yet to see them, 300,000 other folks checked em out on You Tube

The Xylopholks on You Tube!

Check out their NEW YORK POST feature about their Five Borough Bodega Tour

New York Mag Tapped The Xylophoolks for Fashion Tips!

The Xlyopholks Garner #1 video on G4’s Attack of the Show

“E. E. Cummings once said, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” Who are we to argue with that? Enjoy today’s laughter-inducing videos featuring weird street performers, angry walruses, and amorous dogs.”

MTv’s Daily Detox Making of the Band 4

MTV online features The Xylopholks in a wrap-up of what’s happening with MTV’s Making The Band 4.

“The Morning News”

“… nothing could have prepared me for the uncontrollable smile that forced itself onto my face that night. They are an artistic assault on the sensory order of nitrous oxide. I don’t care that they’ll never win a Grammy or show up on MTV or probably even record a full album. As a random burst of amiable strangeness, so particular to New York City, they are perfection…”

Where else in the world can commuters find ecstatic joy in listening to novelty ragtime as played by furry animals on xylophone and bass? Now they must go to the people. And where are the people? INDIA!

The Xylopholks are in the midst of preparing for their India Tour 2010. The group will cover as much territory in India over a 3 week period in spring 2010 as possible. Stops on the tour include Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and surrounding communities in rural areas.


HOUSE OF YES- The Xylopholks India Tour Fundraiser

342 Maujer St. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

*FREE BEER! The evening will be sponsored by COLT 45*HEATHER MASSE Jazz-inspired Folk

*SISTERS 3 – 3 sisters from Philly

* TIGER LILIES Carnatic music ensemble

* LADY CIRCUS animal trapeze artists

*SISTERS 3 – 3 sisters from Philly

*Premier of award-winning Martha Shane’s “XYLOPHOLKS 5 BOROUGH BODEGA TOUR VIDEO”

*THE XYLOPHOLKS joined by special guests Noam Pikelny of the Punch Brothers, Avi Fox-Rosen,

…and much much more!

The Xylopholks are led by virtuoso xylophonist Jon Singer, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and Queens College, CUNY. Singer’s partner in crime is bassist Bridget Kearney, a graduate of the New England Conservatory. They are often joined by a rotating cast of furry musical collaborators. Singer will be a Fulbright scholar for the ’09-10 academic year in Chennai, India. India Tour 2010 will be documented by award winning filmmaker Martha Shane. Their next scheduled venue performance will be a fundraiser for their tour in India at the House of Yes July 21st at 9:30 PM, 2009.


The Xylopholks on Myspace

For More information contact Samantha Tillman @ Daffodil Publicity-

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