Tori Amos Continues Musical Evolution

Tori Amos
The Chicago Theatre
Chicago, IL
August 3, 2009

Tori Amos The Chicago Theatre

Last Monday marked the fifth time I have seen Tori Amos live in concert. I will never get over how unbelievably talented that woman is. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to play the piano and write such original music. As a huge fan of Tori Amos, it was truly a dream come true to have the opportunity to photograph her. If you have ever attended a Tori Amos concert, you may have noticed that there are no photographers in the photo pit during the first three songs of the singer/songwriter’s set. That is because there is no photo pit. Her fans are either sitting in the front row with their knees inches from the stage, or they are standing in a general admission pit and have their elbows resting on the stage floor. I have been in the second situation once before when Amos played The Vic Theatre in Chicago on November 5, 2007.

Many more photos of the amazing Tori Amos after the jump…

In order to photograph Tori, I had to show up at the venue for her early evening soundcheck. This is called a “photo call.” It was by far one of the most intimate experiences I’ve had with an artist whose music has had such a profound impact on my life since I was in middle school. I have since graduated from college and 14 years after first hearing of the piano prodigy, still consider Tori’s music an essential part of my life. For Tori’s photo call, I got to station myself in the front row (dead center, of course!) and take as many photos as I could while Tori Amos performed “Bouncing Off Clouds” in full performance hair, makeup, and outfit/costume. Although I only got to shoot one song’s worth of the musician I most admire in the world, it was the perfect situation. Tori’s songs are notoriously long, so I had plenty of time to get some great shots. Later, during the actual concert, Tori performed “Bouncing Off Clouds” as the second song of her set. This particular masterpiece, or “girl” as Tori Amos calls each of her songs, just so happens to be my favorite off of her 2007 album American Doll Posse. The night was filled with new songs off of Abnormally Attracted To Sin, the latest record from Tori Amos.  Even though Tori did not play any of the songs that I know how to play on the piano, I forgive her.  She is my idol when it comes to piano playing and songwriting.  Check out the set list below…

Set List / Chicago


Bouncing Off Clouds

Cornflake Girl

Fire To Your Plain

Curtain Call

Northern Lad


Police Me

Pandora’s Aquarium

That Guy

Cars And Guitars

Fast Horse

Marys Of The Sea

Lady In Blue


Strong Black Vine

Precious Things


Take To The Sky

Big Wheel

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  1. Becky says:

    So jealous! I have no doubt that she was AMAZING!

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