A Not-So-Stellar Review of Solar Fields’ New Album “Movements”

solarfields movements artwork

I’d like to think I don’t discriminate when it comes to music. I go with the flow when it comes to what’s hot and new on the radio. I check out small venues around San Diego to see what’s cool in the indie scene. My Pandora station has a laundry list of stations by artists from around the world that have tickled my musical fancy. From disco, jazz, old school jams, punk, rock, reggae lounge music and even country, I try and find a way to enjoy it all for its distinct sounds and musical traditions.

However…you know it was bound to happen…I found a genre of music that I just can’t seem to quite figure out. I was recently given Solar Fields’ newest album “Movements” to review and it took me forever to really appreciate the music. The whole album is instrumentally composed and has a hint of electronica in its beats. The first thing that came to mind was being a little kid and watching movies about the earth and space at the IMAX theater at the Reuben H. Fleet Center in Balboa Park, San Diego. But I guess that’s what music is all about: To inspire you and remind you of places you’ve been and things you’ve done.

According to the website, “Swedish based electronic music composer Magnus Birgersson aka Solar Fields built a unique sonic universe with a constant shifting from high tech ambient flow into broken beats, powerful sequences and fragmented loops.

“As a natural born multi-instrumentalist, Magnus plays the Veena, sitar, drums and guitar and is also deeply connected to any sound processing machine. Constantly exploring new musical horizons in his famous high-tech station called Studio Jupiter, Solar Fields likes to develop an evolving dream (“unfinished” as he likes to mention) and offers an intense listening experience….Solar Fields music in fact goes further than these boundaries propulsed by his talent for sculpting hypnotic harmonics and layering sounds.

“In 2007, he began composing a stunning in-game score for Mirror’s Edge, Electronic Arts (EA) / DICE, a new first-person action adventure game released worldwide on 14th November 2008. From the start praised to be “Poetry in motion” and one of the most exciting and innovative game, Mirror’s Edge also promises to be a sonic treat for all PC, PLAYSTATION®3 and Xbox360 addicts.”

The whole album reminds of me of the peculiar music I hear when I watch my guy friends play their odd warrior/space invasion video games. I also feel like I’m in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland while listening to the music…soothing and otherworldly. But the more I listen to this album, the more I can understand the premise behind this genre of music. I’m sure the music is great for those crazy acid trips we all take every once in a while…just kidding.

For more information on Solar Fields, visit www.solarfields.com.

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