Kate Earl Song “Melody” iTunes Single of the Week

Artist: Kate Earl
Album: Kate Earl
Kate Earl

Kate Earl’s not just a dreamer, she’s a doer and it’s what got her to Universal Records under the guidance of Tommy Mottola – the proclaimed “architect of dreams”.  She’s no Mariah Carey, that’s for sure and that’s just fine by me.

Kate hails from Alaska, but her roots go deeper than that. Coming from a Dutch / Welsh father and her Filipino mother, Kate’s music is that kind of special.

Her first album Fate Is The Hunter released back in 2005, put her on my radar for it’s smooth somberly tunes. Laced with jazzy pop soul, that album was made through the passing of Kate’s father. This time around her self-entitled album is all of those things and then some.  It’s feel good music. Sweet. And hopeful.

So what’s so great about this album? To begin, it’s fresh. It’s refreshing. It’s unlikely anyone needs to be reminded that times are tough. You feel it. But anyone who appreciates quality pop music, authentic pop music, positive pop music is always looking to hear more of that unwilted sound. It’s a restore-your-faith-in-“pop”-kinda- sound. And it instills in you the urge to shout or give someone a hug. It’s no surprise her fellow label-mates include Erin McCarley, Amy Winehouse, Kate Havenik, and Colbie Caillat.

Stand – out tracks begin with her opener Nobody. It’s sassy and it’s smart, reminiscent of Fiona Apple’s Criminal. And it’ll have you swaying and singing along by the second chorus. Her first single Melody is appropriately so, as it showcases the heart of her music. It’s obvious her love and passion for just that spills out of that song. While not so serious, it takes you with her as she sings, “There’s a river in my mind that’s never still.” Then, halfway through the album, she’s placed When You’re Ready. The song opens with a big bass beat you can’t help but bop to. But a typical club song, it is not. She surprises you with her softness, singing, “I will wait… patiently.” Kate exudes confidence and a sense of reconciliation in this song that it can’t not feel tremendous and triumphant.

She’s gorgeous. And I’m happy to say her music is reflective of that. Though Kate’s a newbie to the big label scene, she’s got a lifetime of music in her. She’ll most likely be receiving many thanks for making such an exuberant mix of music. To all the skeptics (maybe, it’s just myself) who were losing hope in the discovery of new quality dynamic pop music, Kate’s got something to say: “It’s never too late to put the past away.”

Here’s to her hope and her journey; a bright future indeed.

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