Day and Night with Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi
The Congress Theatre – Chicago, IL

Edited by Lam Sawyer


Kid Cudi performed in Chicago at the Congress Theatre on Friday, August 7th, and to say the least he failed to entertain. I was so excited to see his set, and was left disappointed by his subpar performance. The show itself consisted of lots of great DJ’s and performers, such as opener Willy Joy who did an outstanding job, staying animated and energetic for his entire set. Both Amanda Blank and Major Lazer were amazing as well. I particularly liked the latter, since he was highly entertaining and rocked the entire venue . the crowd went nutz for him! Headlining alongside Kid Cudi was Crookers, who were phenomenal as well. But Kid Kudi just sucked and really he just seemed full of himself.

Out of all the performances he had the shortest set. He performed for what seemed to be maybe 20-30 minutes, which is extremely short for a headliner. About 10 of those minutes he was either saying his own name or was just talking about how great his set would be and 5 of those minutes he was yelling and swearing at someone in the audience for throwing water at him, going so far as to make vague threats to go find the patron in the audience. The spectacle he made over this was so belligerent, unpleasant, and seemingly unnecessary. During his first song, he also decided to attempt to jump into the crowd, but that didn’t end too well for him seeing as to how he ended up falling. But the thing that hurts the most about his excuse for a performance is that before starting, he said he would be putting on the best possible show he could, mentioning some of Chicago’s best (Kanye and Common) and how his show would hopefully be on par with theirs. It wasn’t.

The icing on the cake for me is when Crookers came on stage to perform their remix of his song Day ‘n’ Nite alongside him. Throughout the song he simply kept yelling instead of laying down any real vocals. It didn’t fit well and ended up actually detracting from the song. This show gets 1 star from me, because quite simply put, his performance sucked and seemed to bring the overall quality of the show down.

Let’s hope he does better next time around.

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  1. Rocko says:

    I agree whole heartedly with you. I saw him at Lolla and I don’t know that I’m a fan any longer. He doesn’t have great songs and his “stage presence” is just him yelling and saying “keep your hands up”. I left part way through it and went to another stage.

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