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In the midst of getting older this is the year of my 10 year High School reunion. I have indifferent feelings about this upcoming event. Not really sure how one is supposed to feel. Part of me is shocked and can’t believe it’s been 10 years while the other side of me doesn’t care at all. Friends are freaking out to say the least. I guess this mile marker in our lives makes you reflect on what your life has been or where it’s going. And who can blame them with the super activities that lie ahead! I learned about said reunion via an email from a friend. The droning celebration will be an entire weekend full of various festivities designed around Homecoming next month. Friday night kicks off with a mixer at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. Yay, I can finally see all of those Facebook friends that friended me yet never talk to. Saturday consists of the homecoming parade, game, & a possible tour of the school throughout the day. Seriously? Can someone tell me what for? So I can see where my old lockers were or to remember where Todd Gorsich got his ass handed to him? Finally the weekend wraps up with a Sunday family BBQ. I think this is what freaks out my single friends the most. I mean it’s not likely to be an awkward situation at all. I mean who cares if they haven’t started a family or even occupy a significant other. Should be good times all around, right? Well I say fuck that! To relish in the journey of my 10 year staring me in the face I have decided to take a look back at the only thing that made me happy back then & that would be my fav music of ’99. So here we go!

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Jimmy Eat World – Clarity
Released: February 23, 1999
On: Capitol

What a great group of guys! They were always super nice to meet after a show. Willing to shoot the shit & sign whatever your heart desired. This album had emo kids begging for more with their catchy songwriting and I can’t say enough about their live shows. They have the prettiest lights!

Eminem – The Slim Shady LP
Released: February 23, 1999
On: Interscope

I fell in love with Em on this album. Maybe it was the bad boy attitude, his endless supply of drugs, or maybe it was just because he was a white boy in baggy pants. All I know is this cd was on constant rotation. I’m so glad he’s back!

Lit – Place in the Sun
Released: February 23, 1999

Love, lust, alcohol, and the abusive behavior of them all. Who doesn’t love “My Own Worst Enemy.” It has one of the greatest hooks of all time, “My car is in the front yard / And I’m sleeping with my clothes on / Came in through the window last night / And you’re gone,” I think we can all relate on some level.

Blink 182 – Enema Of The State
Released: June 1, 1999

Although this album wasn’t my favorite Blink album it was still a whole lotta fun to jam out to.

Slipknot – Slipknot
Released: June 29, 1999
On: Roadrunner

If you couldn’t tell from the rest of this list, when it comes to anything metal or hardcore I’m usually not a fan, with the exception of Slipknot. I absolutely love this album. It’s hard, fast, loud & gets me in the mood to kick some ass.     

New Found Glory – Nothing Gold Can Stay
Released: October 19, 1999
On: Drive-Thru

Such a great album! This is my go-to band if I need a pick me up. These guys are so fun to listen to & even better to watch live. I can’t even count how many times I have seen them live. After this album came out I was at every Warp Tour, Milwaukee & Chicago show they played.

Saves The Day – Through Being Cool
Released: November 2, 1999
On: Equal Vision

To this day, still one of my most favorite punk bands ever! Tho the members have changed their albums just seem to get better and better for me. This band in general will always hold a special place with me. Saves The Day was the very first concert I attended with now husband. Kinda silly story, I had free tickets at the Rave in Milwaukee & really wanted to go, but didn’t have anyone to go with. So I asked this guy out & to my surprise he said yes! He had no idea who the band was but got turned on to them that night & has been a big fan ever since.

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