1st Place Sports Bar & Grill

First Place Sports Bar & Grill
1736 W Algonquin Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

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Like any other bar, I came across First Place because I needed something to quench my thirst. Specifically in this case it was a keg. It was after a holiday weekend the hubby & I came in to drop off our empty keg, can you believe it?! It was actually empty! I know this defeat doesn’t sound like much but I find in getting older it becomes harder & harder to kill a keg. Oh how those younger years made it seem so easy…. Anyway since we were there & thirsty we decided to take a seat at the bar. Now when it comes to sports bars in the burbs you normally get a place like Fox and Hounds which is a hug space that is usually over priced with not very attentive staff. Total opposite ends of the earth with First Place! The space is very intimate but has ample seating.

Décor: It’s a sports bar so there are a dozen TV’s strategically placed throughout along with electronic dart boards & a few arcade games.

Crowd: Great mix of peeps here! Gotta love groups of people congregating to watch some good baseball.

Service: Stellar! Seriously, all the girls were great. With the combination of economic times and let’s just face it people are assholes now a days, it’s hard to find good service. The girls were super friendly right off the bat. I enjoy when bartenders / waitresses make small talk. They don’t have to talk your ear off all night, but it’s nice to converse when you’re out.

Liquid Courage on Tap:
Sierra NV
Leinenkugel Red & Honeyweiss
New Castle
Fat Tire
Sam Adams Boston Lager
Coors Lite
Miller Lite

Food: Bar food with a Greek twist.

Sounds: The digital jukebox was on strike for baseball. One half of TV’s had the Cubs game and the other half had the Sox game.

Parking: Plenty it’s in the middle of a strip mall!

Overall: Good stuff! If you haven’t checked out First Place I suggest you come in, catch a game & enjoy some good food and a cold beer.

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  1. Brian says:

    Good review of First Place. If you’re looking for other Chicago area sports bars, we may be able to help.

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