Ivan & Alyosha release The Verse

Seattle faves Ivan & Alyosha release The Verse, The Chorus on Cheap Lullaby Records out 10/20

You Must Hear first single “Easy to Love” HERE!

The Seattle Times-“There are no more next big things, but the next little thing to come from Seattle is the Dostoyevsky-ian-named Ivan & Alyosha”

More Press LOVE for Ivan & Alyosha

Seattle Sound Magazine.

“It might just be that the band is hitting a personal sweet spot…swaggering pop that skates between T Rex and Travis…”

Rolling Stone.com

The Buzz:

Smooth, soaring guitar pop from Seattle duo that is plaintive and pristine.

Listen If:

You’d be curious to hear what happened if the Shins slowed it down a bit.

Key Track:

“Easy to Love,” the perfect late Valentine for the mutually smitten-Back Seat Seattle

“Relatively new to the local music scene, but already making quite a splash in the new Seattle pop revival, Ivan & Alyosha are revolutionizing the folk pop scene one melody at a time…”

Seattle Weekly

“…Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary have the beginnings of something great. The duo — Wilson sings and Carbary plays guitars — perform as Ivan and Alyosha, a mellow pop band that takes its name from characters in a Dostoevsky novel. Much like the Russian author, these guys are serious about their art: ….an album of sing-along and clap-along melodies, driven by Wilson’s incredibly honest vocals and Carbary’s jangle guitars. The catchy “Easy to Love,” for example, has earned its title…”

You’ve heard it? – Yep, Currently on MTV shows “The City” and “Parental Control”

Who are Ivan & Alyosha

Ivan & Alyosha is comprised of lead vocalist Tim Wilson (formerly of Izabelle), and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Carbary. Heavy 60’s and 70’s European influence coupled with their own brand of Americana with a touch of the blues, these brothers of song are sure to perk ears with a fresh take on west coast sound. An unmistakable emphasis on song and melody, instrumentation and arrangement, Ivan and Alyosha offer their well-crafted pop perfection paying subtle homage to a long list of influences whilst not wearing too much on ones’ sleeve.

Ivan & Alyosha got together in 2007, playing their first show at Chop Suey in Seattle on July 2, 2007.

Taking roughly a year to write & record their debut EP, The Verse, The Chorus the boys got to spend a few weeks in Los Angeles tracking with producer Eli Thomson (Richard Swift, Delta Spirit, Sylvie Lewis) & drummer Frank Lenz (Starflyer 59, The Headphones, Richard Swift).

“Easy to Love,” though, is the unlikely hit, slowly appearing with a muted stomp and a simple acoustic guitar strum, radiating a simple beauty as the line “You’re really easy to love” is repeated over and over again. Then the song disappears just as seamlessly. Along with the Tacoma’s always purple-lit Mono in VCF, who headlined Ivan & Alyosha’s EP release, there seems to be a new Northwest Anglo-pop invasion comin’ on.”

The arrival of their debut EP brings stories of love, social change, spirituality and escape from the normal. Painting their sonic idealism with sweeping acoustic ballads and up-tempo, guitar-driven numbers, carefully maintaining subtle tenderness and romance.


For More Information Contact:

Samantha Tillman @ Daffodil Publicity



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