A Community Curated, Built, & Performed Musico-Art Project: A Colossal Theremin Room

Installation & Workshop: Sept 30th – Oct 4th

Radio frequency oscillators? Variable Capacitors? It’s as Sci-Fi as it sounds! The eerie and ethereal tones of early cinematic soundtracks such as those of Spellbound, The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Thing will be brought to life on a collossal scale at this year’s Pop Montreal Symposium and Art Pop headquarters:

ESPACE RÉUNION – 6600 Hutchison, north of Beaubien

David Beaulieu and Christian Pelletier, the creators of the portable speaker suit worn by Patrick Watson during the Montreal International Jazz Fest (, envision a room of 16 antennas dispersed to create an interactive symphony of psychedelic sounds played by bodies in movement. This improvised and free-form communal experience is dependent upon the bodies present, but also upon funding from the community at large.

The Pop team and theremin creators have only 30 days to raise the 5000$ required to pay for the equipment, and thanks to, a free, invite-only way to fund ideas and endeavors, they can offer you a range of exclusive prIzes in exchange for your support of this mind-blowing endeavour! In exchange for your support, you may even be eligible for the following rewards:

• an exclusive track from Gentleman Reg or Dishwasher

• a VIP Festival Pass to the Pop Montreal International Music Festival

• a musical about you and 3 of your friends, written and performed by us.

• a custom-made Loudspeaker Suit built byBeaulieu and Pelletier themselves!

The backers pledge deadline is September 21st, so act quick! This project won’t happen without you!

With love,

Pop Montreal, Art Pop, and the Symposium

For Press Inquiries Please Contact

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