MJ Causes Nearby Graves To Hike Up

I know it’s weird to think that MJ has finally been laid to rest after 70 something days after his death, but what’s really weird is Michael Jackson’s body is causing the price of graves near his tomb to sky-rocket. According to TMZ, a sales rep at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale says pre Michael, units in the mausoleum were going for $7,000 a pop & now they’re up to $9,900! A cemetery rep said, “When a high-profile person comes in, it can affect the prices of the surrounding plots.” No shit! But prices going up an extra $3,000? That’s insane!

Some people who own private units near MJ’s crypt are looking for a big payday. One person is asking $34,000 for a double unit inside Jackson’s mausoleum. One owner of a double unit stated, “We’ve had a tremendous response, we’re weighing all of our options.”

Shoot, if I had a spot in that mausoleum I would totally sell! Not that it wouldn’t be sweet to claim that I would be forever next to MJ in death, but really I’d be dead. I doubt I will care about anything once I’m gone. I would much rather live in the now with a big payout.

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