Yes, Kanye is an Idiot….ok a DISRESPECTFUL Piece of Crap!

What is with all the disrespect nowadays? First to President as he talks about his health care reform plan and now this. Kanye West took the mic away from Taylor Swift as she was in the middle of her acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the VMA’s tonight. I watched the playback on MTV and was in shock. If someone were to disrespect him like that he wouldn’t never have forgiven them even with written apologizes. Even in his apology he brings up Beyonce again and praises her.  We love Beyonce…he loves Beyonce…we get it but this award wasn’t about Beyonce. What happened to the Kanye that came from the great city of Chicago? I think he left of the train going West.

Kanye’s Apology:


I am just disappointed in Kanye. Show some professionalism!

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