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Advice to Men: Play this Album to Woo your Woman!

JD Webb
The Introduction
Infinite Music Group
Release: 8/25/2009

JD Webb The Introduction

His name is Jd Webb and if you are into Daytime Soaps you may already have heard of his work on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. Jd was previously in a band called Raze and he also released Bring It On with Warner Bros. in 2003 that received critical acclaim. Rolling Stone even dubbed him a “prolific songwriter.”

He’s again out on his own and has already opened for the likes of Nikka Costa. I was lucky enough to get to see his live show as he and Nikka rolled into San Diego, CA. I was handed an advance copy of his newest album “The Introduction.” I was praying that it remotely sounded like what I was hearing on stage. Thank goodness as I popped it into the cd player on my car ride home that it did!

jdwebbthebellyup6.14.200916-2.jpgI would put Jd up there with the likes of Robin Thicke.  Jd has so much soul and his upbeat songs are so infectious! I really have fallen in love with the up temp tracks off the album such as “Better Man”, “Big for Me”, “the Introduction”, and “Goodbye Hollywood”.  There are so many upbeat tracks that are so infectious that the transition into the slower ballads made for a tough transition for me. I was so high that listening to the slow ballads made me restless. I am not saying their horrible to listen to. I think that the placement on the record was a little off.

The album doesn’t just capture the hearts of women; it yanks at the heart chords. All I could think of was, “Damn, I need a man like this!” Of course, for the men out there just playing this album could get you further or resolve some tension when on a date. Yeah, it’s that good!

My favorite tracks that are receiving heavy play on my player are “Better Man” and “Big for Me.” Download them because you are sure to love them!!

I was told that Jd and Nikka are attempting to hammer out a tour together because their dates together in August went very well. I know I look forward to seeing the pair again. If you get a chance to see Jd live…do it! One piece of advice if you go to his live show, dress to the 9’s because you may feel out of place if you don’t! He has some of the greatest looking fans with the trendies  fashion sense. At the show the majority of the crowd was women, but I didn’t hear Jd complaining. To the men out there, if looking to pick up some women, check this show out!

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