Puppy Chow!


Call me crazy, but if I saw a coyote take my puppy away I know that it’s a goner. Granted I would be mad at the entire world, and want to go hunt some coyotes plus take pelts for souvenirs, but I would still know the puppy made a meal for a coyote.

I understand that her dog means the world to her, as does my dog. Plus I have a friend who lost her beautiful little Jack Jack to a coyote. She was devastated but she understood the reality of things and knew she had lost him forever.

I wish Jessica would stop with the “Amber Alerts” for her dog. There are animal website that are posting the missing dog posters around. They charge everybody else $175 to do this, except they aren’t charging Jessica a thing. My sympathies are with Jessica, but please understand that when your dog is taken by a coyote….he’s dinner.

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