Whitney Talks To Oprah About Drugs & Marriage

Whitney Houston spoke to Oprah about her troubles with addiction to marijuana laced with cocaine & her emotionally abusive marriage with Bobby Brown, and her strength to leave him in 2006 following an intervention by her mother. Clips of the interview can be seen on Oprah’s Website.

Here are some highlighted topics from Oprah’s interview:

Houston told Winfrey she originally dropped out of the spotlight because she “wanted to be normal, I had no normal 20s, I had no normal 30s.”

Houston says Brown couldn’t live with her success: “I think something inside happens to a man when a woman has that much control.” In answer to the question, “Was he jealous?” Houston took a long pause and responded, “He’s not going to like this, but yes.”

Houston’s concerns over Brown’s self-esteem led her to OK filming on Being Bobby Brown, the reality show calamity that spawned a few of The Soup’s best-ever clips. Did Houston realize what she was getting into with the show? “I did not,” she said. “I was crazy in love.”

Houston’s drug of choice: weed mixed with coke. “You were freebasing cocaine?” Oprah asked. “Basically, and weed,” Houston replied, denying she ever smoked a pipe. She then explained to Oprah how she used to prepare it: “You put it in your marijuana, Oprah, you lace it, you roll it up, and you smoke it in your weed — it’s like heroin and cocaine speedballing, but you level it off, with marijuana.”

The worst thing Brown ever did to Houston was spit in her face following a birthday celebration she had planned in his honor. Their daughter Bobbi Kristina saw the incident, and was horrified. Though sometimes she and Brown would “laugh our tails off,” at one point, Brown painted evil eyes on their bedroom walls: “It was really strange.”

Michael Jackson’s death affected Houston profoundly, and when she performed beside him at the Jackson’s 30th anniversary special in 2001 she was “scared” looking at him. Was he a mirror for her? “In some ways, yes,” Houston said.

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